Meeting and Room Scheduling Pros Love EMS. Here’s Why.

March 17, 2016


Let’s give it to them, meeting and room scheduling professionals such as conference center managers, meeting administrators, and schedulers have a lot of responsibility. They manage the availability and reservations for rooms, people, resources such as A/V and event staff, and services such as catering. Get one thing wrong, such as a double booking, and an entire system is thrown off — which can result in chaos.

For these professionals, common challenges include:

  • Inefficient manual processes.
  • Multiple systems and / or departments required to approve and manage reservations.
  • Masses of emails and phone calls for requests and approvals.
  • Double-booked rooms and resources.

As you can imagine, a reliable, room scheduling software that manages and automates all of the above is a lifesaver. EMS is such a solution. And the pros love it. As this video illustrates, here’s one significant reason why.

Meeting and room scheduling pros love EMS for its easy request and approval capabilities. Tweet

Automated Meeting Requests and Approvals with EMS
Meeting and room scheduling professionals are responsible for ensuring accuracy and approving the many moving parts of meetings, namely rooms, people, resources, and services. When approval to reserve these meeting items is required, EMS automates the process and eliminates the need for multiple systems, emails, and phone calls.

For example, Lisa is a conference center manager for a large professional services firm. John, a fellow employee, wants to host a multi-day meeting within the conference center. To schedule the rooms and resources he needs, he must get approval from Lisa. John uses EMS to make a request for all he needs, such as rooms, A/V, catering, and more. He also provides payment information within his EMS request.

Lisa sees John’s request on her EMS portal. She also gets an email notification of his request. Through the EMS portal, Lisa sees that there are no conflicting reservations on the conference center schedule and that the resources, services, and catering he requested are available. She approves John’s request with one click and EMS sends John an email notification on her behalf. EMS also sends notifications to the catering and A/V staff alerting them to John’s order for resources and services.

As the example illustrates, EMS saves professional schedulers a lot of time by making the request and approval process for rooms, resources, and services a quick and simple process. Additionally, because EMS uses one system of record and can manage all aspects of a meeting, such as communications and billing for service orders, professional schedulers can be rest assured that all information is in one place and is accurate.

85% of surveyed customers increased productivity with EMS software by reducing time spent booking a meeting.

At EMS, we strive to help people create great meetings. Automating meeting requests and approvals is one of many ways we do that. To learn more, watch our video EMS Software for the Expert User (below), or schedule a live demo.