How to Access EMS

Want to book a desk, schedule a class, reserve a room, or plan an event? Use our workplace management platform in whichever ways work for you: web, mobile, room sign, kiosk, and more.

How to Access EMS Hero

Easier Adoption Across Your Organization

Simplify your space and resource reservations. EMS boosts your workplace and campus operations by providing diverse access points that connect your people directly to your scheduling system.

Web access

Find and book available workspaces. Schedule meetings, events, services, and more with the responsive, browser-based EMS Web App.

Mobile access

Find, book, check in, or cancel workspaces and meetings with the EMS Web App or EMS Direct Spaces mobile app.

Desk/room signs

Get real-time meeting information and at-a-glance room and desk availability with the EMS Room Sign App.


Find, locate, and book meetings with the EMS Kiosk App, a configurable, on-site app for large touchscreen displays.

Desktop client

Empower admins with the EMS Desktop Client, the comprehensive scheduling, administrative, and reporting tool.


Take care of all your scheduling needs through the calendar add-on EMS for Microsoft Outlook.

On-the-go scheduling

Today’s increasingly mobile workforce can rely on EMS, whether on the road or in the office.

Access EMS from your mobile device

EMS Direct Spaces is for people on the go. The app allows employees, students, or staff to make simple reservations in spaces like workspaces and open conference rooms. With Direct Spaces, you can:

  • Reserve a workspace anywhere, anytime
  • Book a meeting and invite attendees
  • Update details and verify an existing booking
  • Check-in to or cancel an upcoming meeting


Access EMS through a browser

Connect to EMS through any browser-enabled device. Personalization filters, designated favorites, and a single-pane view of all current or past bookings make for a wholly customized scheduling experience. The EMS Web App also integrates with the Microsoft Exchange calendaring systems. Through a secure, streamlined interface, you can:

  • Search by location, event, and person
  • Create, change, or cancel reservations
  • Submit requests for space-related resources (catering, equipment, etc.)


Space and resource bookings from your desktop

Employees, students, and community members can access a mix of requestable and self-service spaces, and request or book via laptop and desktop computers.

Access EMS using Microsoft Outlook

Find and book available rooms, services, and resources — all within Microsoft Outlook. EMS for Microsoft Outlook is an optional add-in that integrates EMS room reservation processes directly with Outlook 2010 and later. You can simultaneously view room availability in addition to attendee free/busy information and then book and manage your meetings and services directly within Outlook.

Access EMS through the web

Connect to EMS through any web-enabled device. The EMS Web App is an optional but popular web application that allows you to access EMS through a browser on any Internet-enabled device. The EMS Web App lets you see your reservations, create new reservations, change existing reservations, and search for existing events.

On-the-Spot Reservations

No more wandering around looking for a room or wondering whether a space is reserved. Convenient digital signs and kiosks keep everyone in the know.

Informative digital signage

Determine room availability quickly and book or change reservations on the go. The EMS Room Sign App links a tablet or digital sign to your EMS solution to show real-time reservation details for a designated room or workspace. Employees and visitors know they're in the right place for their meeting and can extend, end, or even make a new reservation on the spot.

Large touchscreen displays

The EMS Kiosk App is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that can serve as an interactive tool for any lobby, reception area, or entryway. All current room and workspace information is accurately displayed, and reserving a workspace is as simple as swiping your badge and touching an icon on a floor map. For office hoteling environments, it offers self-service check-in/out, a view of available/unavailable rooms, and a “locate person” function for finding colleague work sites and meetings.  

Powerful Space Management for Admins

Gain complete scheduling control whether you’re approving room requests, booking large-scale events, communicating with service providers, or analyzing reports.

Create and monitor reservations with ease

The EMS Desktop Client reduces effort and boosts productivity. Expert users have complete control to create, change, approve, or cancel reservations. You can book complex recurring or video conference meetings in a single reservation, resolve conflicts, eliminate double bookings or missed services, etc. The Desktop Client automates and error-proofs time-consuming activities and provides access to the most accurate calendars and information.  

Manage resources and deliver timely notifications

Beyond reservations, EMS allows administrators to define, assign and track resources, services, and inventory. Approve and update all service requests and even attach specific resources ― such as video conferencing ― to specific spaces. Eliminate wasted resources and missed communications by automating your notifications, service provider alerts, and work reports. Ensure up-to-the-minute service order accuracy with service order reports, including change reports.

Set permissions and configure business rules

As a highly configurable room and resource scheduling platform, administrators can set up EMS to align with new or existing organizational workflows and booking rules. You can configure individual and group user permissions and reservation limits and requirements, as well as design custom fields for online request forms.