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Corporate Workplace Management Software

Connect people to workspaces, resources, and technology in your corporate offices.

Connectivity, Collaboration, and Efficiency

Foster collaboration

Create spaces where employees can gather ― in person, virtually, or both. Increase engagement and increase productivity.

Optimize space and real estate

Gain insights into usage and track critical metrics ― so you understand and lower real estate costs.

Enhance office safety

Prompt for health attestations during bookings. Generate usage reports to guide cleaning and sanitation schedules.

EMS for the Corporate Enterprise

EMS helps solve the complexities of managing the modern workplace.

Flexible work - Main

Flexible work

Support your workforce no matter where they are ― in office, fully remote, or hybrid. Meet employee expectations of working where and how they choose. Connect your workforce and create a sustainable hybrid work model.

Simplified meeting scheduling - Main

Simplified meeting scheduling

Find the ideal place to meet at the office ― conference room, board room, huddle room, or other space. Cut costs, streamline booking and create a top-notch meeting room experience.

Dialed-in video conferencing - Main

Dialed-in video conferencing

Connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere, with fully integrated video conference scheduling. Optimize hybrid meetings, self-service video conferencing, and managed video conferences.

Effortless desk booking - Main

Effortless desk booking

Find ideal spaces for in-person or hybrid employees. Boost productivity with flexible office hoteling and quick, convenient bookings.

Strategic space decisions - Main

Strategic space decisions

Gain insights into usage with space utilization and optimization tools. Track critical metrics like bookings, cancellations, and service changes.

"By comparing bookings to actual use to determine true utilization rates, the firm was able to vacate 6 floors and sublet 3 for a savings of $85 million over 5 years."
Big 4 Accounting Firm


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