Make the Most of Valuable Real Estate

EMS Space Optimization Software for Strategic Decisions

Space utilization data is critical for planning the best use of your workplace and campus spaces. Make informed decisions with the help of EMS space utilization and optimization software.

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Smarter Space Usage with EMS Analytics

Discover how EMS space optimization software can help your organization cut costs, improve your bottom line and create a flexible, agile workplace or campus.

Gain insights into usage

To effectively utilize your spaces, you need to understand how people use them. With EMS, you can track critical metrics such as usage, cancellations, meeting type, service changes and more for increased usage visibility.

Optimize current spaces

If you’re like many organizations, between 30-40% of your workspaces are underutilized on a typical day. EMS analytics helps you identify which spaces are underutilized so you can optimize your workplace efficiency.

Make better space decisions

Is office hoteling right for your people? Can that large conference room be modified – perhaps turned into two rooms – for an optimal layout? Make informed decisions based on deep data, not casual observations.

Lower real estate costs

Wasted real estate costs your bottom line. With EMS technology, utilization reporting can help you understand your room, building and workspace utilization, enabling you make the best possible use of your real estate footprint.

Discover new campus space

On campus, departmentally owned space is notoriously underutilized. With centralized scheduling from EMS, higher ed administrators can generate space utilization reports that reveal opportunities and options for new scheduling blocks.

Increase employee satisfaction

EMS reports can show you which spaces your employees gravitate toward and which ones they avoid so you can make adjustments like modifying temperature/lighting or reconfiguring spaces – leading to improved employee productivity and engagement.

In-Depth Reports on Every Facet of Space Utilization

Whether you’re a CIO, facilities planner, registrar or conference center manager, EMS provides the insights you need.

Track your operations

Track, understand and optimize your company operations with more than 120 built-in workplace trend reports. In addition, you can generate unique reports with the Query Wizard, which retrieves requested information from the EMS database to create a custom report.

Improve communication

Workplace trend reports can inform employees of options to eliminate unnecessary inventory and provide the best possible service. And you can automatically send certain reports to selected email addresses for whatever frequency, time zone and period you choose.

Integrate with building systems

Unused or underutilized space often has continually running utilities, leading to large and unnecessary expenses for your workplace or campus. Import your facility information and integrate with maintenance and HVAC to automate heating and cooling, saving you energy and money.

Industries Served

No matter your industry, EMS can help you apply your data to optimize your space, enabling you to run efficiently on limited resources.

Enterprise workplace management

True workplace efficiency begins by connecting your company employees with the resources they need to be more efficient. But EMS software goes further, offering a more holistic approach to enhancing your workplace operations.

Campus academic and event management

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. EMS helps you to manage your classrooms, final exams, departmental collaborations, faculty offices, study spaces, campus events and other types of space.

Why EMS?

As a central source of record for all spaces and resources, EMS is essential to the role of analyzing and predicting usage. With EMS, you can:

Pinpoint ideal inventory levels

Identify trends in inventory demand and so you can predict gaps and stay on top of maintenance needs.

Create invoices and process payments

Generate invoices based on reservation number, date range or both, and bill on whatever cycle is convenient.

Drill down into cancellation information

Learn more about no shows and identify trends for when and why people cancel reservations for spaces and services.

Lower operating costs based on your data

Analyze room and service utilization rates to improve workflows and drive new planning processes.

Reduce desk-to-employee ratios

Gather actual seat occupancy rates based on sensor and check-in data to help inform company office hoteling strategies.

Decrease your square footage per employee

Identify trends in company desk occupancy rates to support new strategies such as hot desking or reverse hoteling.

Harness data for use with other analytics tools

Export your EMS data to other business intelligence and advanced analytical solutions for operations and facility management.