EMS Classroom Scheduling Software for Simplified Campus Management

Say goodbye to cumbersome, manual processes. The award-winning EMS classroom scheduling software streamlines and automates your on-campus class, meeting and exam scheduling.

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EMS Classroom Scheduling Software: Better Classes, Smoother Exams

Classroom Scheduling Software with Real Results

EMS academic scheduling software helps you identify the best meeting places while saving your planning team valuable time.

Automate Scheduling Processes 

Auto-assign courses based on various factors – like course size, seating layout and instructor preference – to eliminate friction and maximize efficiency.   

Simplify Exam Scheduling  

Make certification and final exam scheduling a breeze with the EMS optimizer tool, which helps you find spaces with the right resources and capacity. 

Ensure Equipment Availability

Need lab equipment or music stands in the room? Access key space details such as classroom size, the number of chairs and the equipment that’s available within the space. 

Meet Student and Instructor Expectations  

People expect a frictionless, multi-device user experience. EMS’ user-friendly interface, mobile capabilities and robust functionality make for a modern experience on campus.

Avoid Unforeseen Conflicts 

View time block availability for class schedules and quickly identify violations so you never have to deal with double bookings or inadequate transition times between back-to-back classes. 

Improve Space Utilization  

Gain a better understanding of space utilization and where you can accommodate more courses without adding extra square footage – informing budgets and leading to increased real estate ROI.  

EMS Classroom Scheduling Software Provides Real Results

Academic institutions that rely on Accruent EMS university course scheduling software see ROI in the form of higher revenue, boosted productivity, big cost savings, and more.

  1. Connecticut State Colleges & Universities increased revenue, productivity, and visibility into academic and event scheduling information with EMS.
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  2. Tufts University realized a return on their EMS investment in less than 12 months.
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  3. Minnesota State University saved $1 Million in annual energy costs with EMS.
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  4. Texas A&M University increased revenue and improved contract management with EMS.
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Accruent EMS: Award-Winning Classroom Scheduling Software

Accruent EMS: Award-Winning Classroom Scheduling Software


See How Academic Institutions Save Time with EMS Classroom Scheduling Software

Listen to how James Madison University used EMS to quadruple the number of facilities scheduled while saving significant time for their academic schedulers.

Learn how the University of Vermont pulls departments together to seamlessly schedule campus happenings with EMS classroom scheduling software.

Eliminate Scheduling Headaches with EMS Classroom Scheduling Software

Scheduling courses doesn’t have to be labor intensive. EMS course scheduling software gets rid of complexities for a seamless, near-effortless process.

Gain complete scheduling control

Quickly add new classes or exams or make changes to timing, status and resources without having to cancel and redo an entire reservation. Create and approve bookings using wizards and drag-and-drop functionality as you allow departments to easily collaborate online.

Save time with repeatable processes

Reduce costly rework and simplify scheduling each semester by simply forwarding your course preferences for each new term. In EMS, you can copy forward course preferences and requirements for each semester, eliminating the need to re-enter this information.

Maximize transparency with your SIS

EMS pulls course and instructor information directly from your student information system (SIS) to facilitate room scheduling for courses and exams. Planners can create multiple scenarios for instructor viewing. Room assignments can then be written back to the SIS.

Meet Capacity Goals

Safety and social distancing are incredibly important for any higher ed institution. Using EMS digital signage and mobile booking capabilities, you can track space usage, avoid overcrowding, streamline cleaning schedules and make social distancing a breeze on the modern campus.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Classroom Scheduling Software

Industries that Use Our Classroom Scheduling Software

Why settle for one-size-fits-all academic scheduling software? With its highly configurable structure, EMS course scheduling software can be aligned to meet your organization's unique needs.

Campus academic and event management

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your educational institution. Manage your classrooms, final exams, departmental meetings, study spaces, campus events and more.

EMS classroom scheduling software in higher education
Workplace management

Creating safe, efficient workspaces for campus faculty and staff starts by connecting your employees to the right spaces. See how EMS goes further with a more holistic approach.

EMS classroom scheduling software in workplace management

What makes EMS classroom scheduling software stand out?

An effective classroom and exam scheduling system can greatly affect student performance and faculty satisfaction. EMS course scheduling software ups your scheduling prowess, thanks to:

Campus-Specific Reporting

Generate reports on course lists, course changes, time usage, time block violations and more.

The EMS Direct Spaces Mobile App

View, create and manage classroom reservations on the go through an intuitive, chat-style interface.

Automated Building Management

Ensure comfortable gathering spaces via integrations with classroom systems like HVAC and sensors.

Video and Hybrid Conferencing Tools  

Simplify in-person and hybrid scheduling with comprehensive integration and hardware capabilities.

Strong Security

Hide event information, add security personnel to alerts, or use EMS Cloud Services advanced protection features.

Robust Calendaring and Communication

Integrate with Outlook, Exchange, Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex and other favorite apps.

Class Detail Management

Attach all relevant services and documentation to bookings and add comments for easy reference.

Digital Signage and Kiosks

Publish class locations on signs and kiosks to inform and offer up-to-date details

People Also Ask

What is a course scheduling system?

A course scheduling system is a software application or platform used by educational institutions to efficiently plan and organize the timing, allocation, and management of courses and classes. It helps administrators create timetables, assign instructors to specific classes, allocate classrooms, and ensure that students can enroll in the courses they need without scheduling conflicts. Such systems streamline the coordination of academic resources, enhance communication between stakeholders, and optimize the utilization of facilities, ultimately facilitating a smoother and more effective educational experience for both students and faculty.

How do I choose a scheduling software?

To choose scheduling software effectively, start by identifying your specific scheduling needs, considering factors like scalability, customization, integration capabilities, user-friendliness, and mobile accessibility. Evaluate reporting and analytics features, as well as automation and AI capabilities for efficiency. Ensure it meets security and compliance requirements while staying within your budget. Read user reviews, take advantage of trial periods, and involve key stakeholders in the decision-making process. Consider the long-term suitability and future-proofing of the software. Choose a reputable vendor with a track record of quality and support. Ultimately, the best scheduling software aligns with your organization's unique requirements, enhances productivity, and offers a user-friendly experience for both administrators and users.

What are the three most common scheduling methods?

The three common types of scheduling are time-based scheduling, resource-based scheduling, and event-based scheduling. Accruent EMS (Education Management Software) is primarily known for its capabilities in time-based scheduling, particularly in the context of educational institutions and room/resource scheduling. Here's how Accruent EMS can assist with these scheduling types:

  • Time-based Scheduling: Accruent EMS is widely used for time-based scheduling in educational settings. It helps institutions manage and schedule classrooms, lecture halls, and other resources for classes, meetings, exams, and events, ensuring that they are assigned specific time slots and locations.
  • Resource-based Scheduling: Accruent EMS also includes resource management capabilities, allowing users to allocate resources such as rooms, equipment, and personnel for specific time slots or events. This helps educational institutions optimize resource utilization.
  • Event-based Scheduling: While Accruent EMS primarily focuses on time-based and resource-based scheduling, it may offer some event-based scheduling features, especially in the context of scheduling events and activities within educational institutions. Users can schedule events to occur at specific times and locations.

Ultimately, Accruent EMS is tailored for the needs of educational institutions, and its core strength lies in managing schedules, resources, and events within that context.