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Dial In Your Video Conference Scheduling

Empower employees, students, visitors, customers and the rest of your workplace or campus with convenient, fully integrated video conference scheduling from EMS.

EMS Video Conferencing Integration

EMS Video Conferencing Software: A Fully Integrated Experience

Whether you’re looking to boost collaboration with hybrid employees, offer remote classes or something else, EMS brings your people together.

Facilitate hybrid meetings

Your video conferencing (VC) technologies can unite dispersed teams and foster communication. The EMS platform supports and integrates popular technologies, making hybrid meetings as easy to plan as any other type of event. 

Enable self-service video conferencing

Create a room booking and add a video conference link with a single click. When individuals book meetings through EMS, EMS connects video conferencing directly to the meeting by inviting the VC technology to the reservation.

Deliver managed video conferences with ease

You can use EMS to support managed video conferencing, where technicians receive instructions to administer the technology. EMS manages these complex requests and improves communication among IT and audio-visual team members.

Benefit from frictionless booking

Access and input all relevant information in one system. EMS was the first booking system to include integration with major video conferencing platforms natively, checking yet another box for frictionless reservation workflows.

Effortlessly connect physical and virtual meetings

While creating a Teams or Zoom meeting is relatively painless, it gets more complex when you factor in a meeting room. EMS combines the strength of its scheduling platform with powerful capabilities of leading VC providers.

Create robust meeting reservations

With the comprehensive meeting booking solution from EMS, your people can access and input all relevant video meeting information – time, resources, A/V requirements, video conferencing and more – from within a single system. 

EMS Video Conferencing Integration for Smoother Meetings

No more swapping cables, finding inputs or waiting for equipment to boot up. Just show up, kick off the meeting and get to work.

Experience full VC support

Whatever VC platform you prefer, EMS has you covered. EMS supports and integrates popular technologies like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, Skype for Business, Polycom, Cisco TMS and Microsoft Exchange, making hybrid meetings as easy to plan as any other event. 

Automate the management of services

Auto-add equipment and modify services for each space. EMS is a complete room and resource scheduling platform, so along with video conferencing equipment, you can use it to reserve resources like whiteboards, catering, projectors, furniture and more.

Allow for and track recurring meetings

Set up repeated VC or hybrid meetings in a single, easy-to-locate reservation. Quickly add new meetings or make changes without having to cancel and redo an entire reservation. You can even link bookings together in EMS so that if one changes, they all automatically update.

Industries Served

EMS has long been a hub for creating space reservations tailored to the specific needs of the organization – no matter the industry. See how EMS can meet your organization’s scheduling needs.

Enterprise workplace management

True workplace optimization begins by connecting your employees with the resources they need to be more efficient. But EMS software goes further, offering a more holistic approach to enhancing your workplace operations.

Campus academic and event management

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. EMS helps you to manage your classrooms, final exams, departmental meetings, faculty offices, study spaces, campus locations and more.

What sets EMS video conferencing integrations apart?

EMS supports the scheduling of self-service and managed video conferences, all in a single solution. These features include the ability to:

Send email confirmations to hosts

EMS eliminates wasted resources and missed communications by automating notifications and service provider alerts.

Provide set-up details to tech and facility teams

Create detailed setup worksheets for video conferencing coordinators and technicians.

Connect easily with VC technologies

Make planning a video conference easy with EMS integrations through Exchange and connectors.

Prioritize the most important meetings

Administrators can prioritize VC meetings and resources based on user status or set up wait lists for periods of exceptional demand.

Share reservation information automatically

Replicate reservation information directly into your VC system to eliminate manual processes and potential input errors.

Report on all VC meetings and services

View trends, costs and statistics and assess needs from a dedicated utilization report for all VC activity booked through EMS.