At-a-Glance Space Details

EMS: Modern Digital Signage and Kiosks for On-the-Spot Info

Access real-time meeting information and immediate desk or room availability details.

Digital Signage Kiosk Hero

EMS Digital Signage and Kiosks: A Welcoming Experience

Deliver effortless scheduling in an intuitive, visually impressive way.

Conveniently book desks and rooms

Locate an open room through an eye-catching, color-coded sign. Securely book the space right then and there via touchscreen.

Easily manage meetings

Reserve rooms, check in visitors, and extend a booking quickly and easily. Cut down on interruptions by letting others know when a room is occupied.

Modernize your facilities

Free up staff time. Kiosks handle basic tasks like desk hoteling so experienced reception staff can focus on higher-touch interactions.

Enable office hoteling

Reserve any space fast and easy - cubicle, shared table, study space, library carrel, or comfy couch.

Create welcoming spaces

Help clients feel at home. Visitors can confirm they’re in the right place and find their scheduled meeting room.

Increase space efficiency

Gather up-to-the-minute data on space utilization, then use that knowledge to identify cost savings and increase space efficiency.

EMS Digital Signage: Info at a Glance

No more wandering around looking for a room or wondering whether a space is reserved. Convenient digital signs and kiosks keep everyone in the know.

Informative digital signage

The EMS Room Sign App links a tablet or digital sign to your EMS solution to show reservation details for a designated room or workspace. Individuals can determine room availability quickly and book or change their reservations on the go. With digital room signage, you can impress visitors, make employees proud and enhance your brand.

Large touchscreen displays

The EMS Kiosk App is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution that can serve as an interactive tool for any lobby, reception area, or entryway. All current room and workspace information is accurately displayed, and reserving a workspace is as simple as swiping your badge and touching an icon on a floor map.

Wayfinding capabilities

Customize for your brand, control the information shown and set which actions users can perform for each separate kiosk. Our kiosks provide wayfinding that can help your corporate enterprise or higher education facility remain people-centric, ease visitor stress, and enable seamless navigation of your property.

Industries Served

EMS has long been a hub for creating space reservations tailored to the specific needs of your organization.


True workplace optimization begins by connecting your employees to the resources they need to be more efficient. But EMS solutions go further, offering a more holistic approach to enhancing your workplace operations.

Higher Education

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. EMS helps you to manage your classrooms, final exams, departmental meetings, faculty offices, study spaces, campus locations, and more.

What sets EMS digital signs and kiosks apart?

Simplify the on-site need to view events schedules, verify room availability, and book space.

Full configurability

Each room sign or kiosk can be configured separately, with outputs ranging from simple display-only view to interactive check-in.

Key automations

Require users to identify themselves before booking spaces and turn on reservation autocancel when a user fails to check in.

Custom branding

Make great first impressions when you brand each digital sign or kiosk with a custom background and your organization’s logo.

Robust filtering

Filter by building, floor, room type, or more, and view floor maps that show the exact location of a meeting.

Colleague location

Via EMS-enabled kiosks, use a ‘Locate Person’ function for finding colleague work sites and meetings.

Badge authentication

Provide security by controlling what information shows and who can access the room through user privileges and badge ID.

Event information displays

Authorized users may view public events or individualized schedules via EMS-enabled kiosks.

Language Selection

Use the options to change the display language for all the pages in the EMS Kiosk, with the time format tied to the language you select.

Multiple hardware options

Deploy on room signs on iPad Mini, Android tablets, or Windows tablets. The EMS Kiosk App is compatible with a range of devices.



Does adding digital signage improve brand reputability?

Yes, integrating digital signage into a workspace adds brand credibility and impresses visitors. Accruent’s EMS Room Sign App helps you display prominent room details to those entering your space.

Not only will employees appreciate these displays, but your clients will also be quite impressed.

Adding a digital kiosk makes any office feel like a professional work environment. Even smaller workspaces can feel as prominent as an S&P 500 headquarters, with kiosks that allow for hassle-free check-ins and a digital face that includes the company logo and other custom branding.

Does digital signage software keep workplaces safer?

Yes, by using badge authentication, organizations can ensure that the right users are accessing key places throughout the facility.

The Kiosk App serves as a vital line of defense for all organizational security and building safety. Set user privileges so that team members can reach their appropriate areas and bad actors can be sent away.

Can digital signage software be used for event promotions?

Thanks to EMS-enabled kiosks, organizations can display and promote event information for conferences, seminars, workshops, and social gatherings.

They can also display weekly, monthly, or even annual calendars with event details so people can plan accordingly and see exactly what is going on.

What considerations should be taken when implementing digital signage or kiosk software?

Top considerations include adherence to local compliance standards, ample accessibility for all types of employees and visitors, and customizable features that help exude the right branding.

It comes down to picking the right software. Accruent’s digital signage and kiosk software takes care of all those considerations, giving your organization a lot less to worry about.

Feel relaxed knowing that your software will remain compliant and accessible to everyone within your organization.

What happens if a user does not show up or check-in?

When a user does not arrive, their reservation will auto-cancel, giving other users the chance to slot themselves in for that time period.

They could be disallowed from checking in if they show up without the proper identification as well.