EMS: Hybrid Workplace Scheduling Software

The nature of the office is changing, but its role in work remains important. EMS scheduling software helps you support your workforce no matter where they are: in office, fully remote or hybrid.

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EMS Hybrid Work Scheduling for a Sustainable Work Strategy

Employees expect to work where and how they choose. EMS connects your workforce and helps you create a sustainable hybrid work model.

Foster collaboration

The office plays a critical role as a collaboration center for remote and in-person interaction. With EMS, easily make the connections among all employees seamless to foster a culture of productivity, regardless of location.

Meet flexibility expectations

When hybrid workers are in the office, give them access to the spaces they need to get work done. EMS desk booking software helps mobilize your workforce and creates a flexible, activity-based environment.

Optimize real estate usage

Maintain the role of the office in your organization’s success by keeping it accessible on-demand to your increasingly fluid workforce – as you keep a pulse on areas for improved return on real estate investment.

Collect business-critical data

Which spaces are being used and how? The EMS room booking platform provides anytime access to business-critical utilization data so you can identify trends and inform changes to office layout or overall design.

Increase meeting productivity

Find the ideal place to meet when employees gather at the office. With EMS, you can access details like room size, number of seats and available technology – so you’ll always have the information you need. 

Maintain clean spaces

Ensure safe, clean spaces for hybrid employees when they’re in the office. Detailed, direct reports show which spaces have been booked and used so you can appropriately schedule cleaning and sanitation.

Creating an Adaptable Workplace with EMS Scheduling Software

EMS transforms how your people, spaces and resources work together.

Flexible office hoteling

Give every employee peace of mind knowing they have a clean, safe desk when they visit the office. Optimize your office setup in the space you have and remain agile with office hoteling, desk hoteling and hot desking as employees choose to be both in-office and remote.

Intelligent meeting room booking

Office space bookings and requests should provide more than just time and location. EMS business processes control who has access to meeting space while streamlining booking workflows by collecting the right information the first time.

Video conference integration

Create video conferences and room bookings in a single action, and quickly join video meetings from your everyday booking endpoints. Then ensure the room is ready for the meeting before you even arrive to connect your remote workforces effortlessly.

Industries Served

No matter your industry, EMS hybrid work scheduling software delivers proven results. Its highly configurable structure can be aligned to meet your organization's unique needs.

Enterprise workplace management

True workplace optimization begins by connecting your office employees with the resources they need to be more efficient. But EMS software goes further, offering a more holistic approach to enhancing your workplace operations.

Campus academic and event management

Virtual classes? No problem! EMS supports the academic scheduling needs of your campus no matter where your students, faculty and staff are located. Make hybrid model classes, virtual meetings and online booking a breeze.

What makes EMS office scheduling software stand out?

EMS makes it easy to empower your hybrid workforce with scheduling tools for a variety of scenarios:

The EMS Direct Spaces mobile app

View, create and manage bookings on the go through an intuitive, chat-style interface.

A full suite of integrations

Work from within a full range of communication and scheduling tools like Outlook, Teams, Zoom and Webex.

Conference and event management

Easily approve conference room requests, book large-scale events or communicate with service providers.

Digital signage and kiosks

Integrate with a variety of signs and kiosks to promote events, publish calendars and offer up-to-date event details.

Non-traditional spaces

Need to make parking, bike racks and other non-traditional “spaces” reservable? No problem!

Space utilization and optimization

Manage real estate costs and get the most out of your organization’s valuable real estate.