EMS: Desk Booking Software

Find the spaces that in-person or hybrid employees need to get work done. EMS desk booking software makes it faster and easier to book desk space as needed, supporting the flexible, activity-based workplace.

Effortless Booking with EMS Office Hoteling Software

Are employees scrambling for desk space? Real estate costs eating up your budget? EMS can help you implement strategic office hoteling initiatives for an efficient, productive workplace or campus.

Enhanced productivity

The ideal workspace boosts employee productivity. With EMS, your employees can choose desks via filters to locate spaces based on desk availability, kind of seating, space type, equipment, nearby amenities and more.

Simplified reservations

Enable self-service booking with the EMS mobile app, web tool and calendar integrations. People can easily reserve, update, modify and cancel reservations directly from their point of need, in one easy-to-use interface.

Increased collaboration

Foster innovation and collaboration by seating business units or project teams together in designated neighborhoods so that employees can be ideally situated, whether working from the primary office or visiting a remote location.

Maximized real estate

Ensure your valuable real estate is being used efficiently. EMS room booking software captures usage data that logs when desks are empty, how often bookings are canceled and other factors so you can improve your space utilization.

Smooth hybrid workplaces

Today’s employees expect to work where and how they choose. Help meet those expectations with EMS office hoteling software, which gives them access to the spaces they need to get work done so they are productive and engaged.

Safer workspaces

Keep your workplace safe. Using EMS desk booking software, you can block off spaces and use signage and reservation options to set room capacities and facilitate visitor management for a safe, flexible campus or workplace experience.


EMS Flex vs EMS – What's the difference?

Wondering which desk booking software best suits your organization’s needs? Check out this handy comparison chart.

Find Ideal Workspaces with EMS Desk Reservation Software

Reserve any “desk” space: cubicle, shared table, standing desk, office room or even a comfy couch.

Book spaces quickly and conveniently

With EMS, employees can reserve or check in at centrally located kiosks, book spaces in advance through online request forms, or use programs like Outlook to claim a space and add it to their personal calendars – along with mobile devices, tablets and digital signs.

Use your favorite tools and apps

Stay within a single interface when booking a desk and adding it to your calendar. EMS integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and other favorite apps and tools.

Maximize insight with reporting and analytics

Comprehensive, integrated data and analytics are necessary to optimize company culture, meet KPIs and increase revenue. EMS office hoteling software gives you key insights into important desk analytics, including where employees sit and which spaces are underutilized.

Industries Served

No matter your industry, EMS meeting room scheduling software delivers proven results. Its highly configurable structure can be aligned to meet your organization's unique needs.

Enterprise workplace management

Mobilizing your workforce starts by connecting your employees with the workspaces they need to be more efficient. But EMS software goes further, offering a more holistic approach to enhancing your workplace operations.

Campus academic and event management

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. EMS helps you to manage your classrooms, final exams, departmental collaborations, faculty offices, study spaces, campus events and more.

Why EMS?

EMS office hoteling and desk booking software helps customers simplify reservations, facilitate flexible work and make data-informed decisions on space usage. With EMS, you can:

Book spaces on the go

The EMS Direct Spaces mobile app’s intuitive interface makes it easy to view and manage bookings.

Utilize floor plans

Increase productivity and proximity by using a real-time floor plan to see who is working where.

Ensure comfortable spaces

Integrate with HVAC systems to automate heating and cooling, saving you energy and money.  

Enable no-touch bookings

Enable automatic, no-touch check-ins via methods such as email, mobile or web workplace platform.

Send notifications

Deliver automated confirmations, change notifications, real-time requests and space alerts.

Enforce permissions-based access

Set up reservation forms with custom rules and processes based on teams, seniority or role.