Integrated Workplace Management System

IWMS Software

Connect systems with an integrated workplace management system to maximize productivity, increase transparency, and drive better decision-making at your workplace or campus.

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Streamline Real Estate and Facility Functions

See how EMS scheduling software ― as part of your IWMS — helps you get the most value from your business or campus spaces and real estate.

Scheduling efficiency

An IWMS that includes strong workplace management software can help your employees or students locate the spaces where they work most efficiently. Improve scheduling processes as you increase the effectiveness of your rooms and spaces.

Clear insight into portfolio/facility data

With comprehensive reporting and dashboards, the right IWMS solution increases transparency into real estate portfolio size/value, space occupancy, and planned maintenance ― so you make informed, accurate decisions.

Real estate and facility maintenance cost savings

Reduce wasted space in your real estate portfolio for lower occupancy costs. Prioritize preventive maintenance and streamline work orders. Achieve savings in space management, energy, and IT.

Better space utilization

Real-time space utilization data gives insight into how spaces are being used, helps identify opportunities for improvement, and helps decrease the number of unused or underutilized desks, classrooms, meeting rooms, and other spaces.

Support for flexible work

Workplace flexibility is a key requirement for many employees. IWMS software can help your organization promote flexible workplace strategies and hybrid work initiatives ― so you can attract and retain top talent.

Smooth user experience

Today’s IWMS solutions touch all building occupants and visitors. Incorporating a space scheduling solution into your real estate and facilities processes makes for smoother user experience.

Key Features of IWMS Software

An integrated workplace management system combines mission-critical data from various systems into one centralized software solution. These systems generally include:


Space and workplace management

Make the most of your real estate while you create engaging experiences. Space management capabilities help you simplify how you manage space by providing one tool from which users can visualize and control their workplace. When deployed correctly, the right solution can help your students, employees, and administrators manage desk and room bookings, navigate spaces, improve space utilization, and more.

Real estate management

Manage your entire real estate portfolio, lower real estate costs, and maintain compliance with GASB, IASB, and FASB lease accounting standards. Real estate management software includes lease administration and lease accounting, market planning and site selection, construction project management, and real estate transaction management.


Facility management and asset management

Manage work orders, extend the life of assets, maximize uptime, prioritize preventive maintenance, and more. A complete facility management software or computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help your organization with space planning, utilities management, maintenance management, asset tracking, and more.


Energy management

Optimize energy efficiencies, predict asset failure, and improve air quality. Energy management remote monitoring software delivers maintenance and energy efficiencies. Get alerts and workflow management tools including alarm triage, predictive analytics and integrated controls.

Industries Served 

As part of Accruent’s IWMS solution, below are just a few of the areas where EMS can help you with your space scheduling needs. See a complete list of industries served by Accruent.

Enterprise workplace management

Give your people the workspaces, resources, and technology they need in your corporate offices. Create spaces where employees can gather, optimize your real estate, and support your workforce no matter they are ― in office, fully remote, or hybrid.

Campus academic and event management software

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. It helps you manage your classrooms, final exams, department meetings, faculty offices, study spaces, campus events, and many other types of space.

Professional services space management software

Connect people to workspaces, resources, and technology in your legal, financial, insurance, consulting, or other professional services. Provide white glove service to customers, create seamless employee experiences, and enhance your reputation in the industry.

Why Do I Need Dedicated Space Management Software as Part of My IWMS? 

Scheduling desks, rooms, and resources quickly gets messy, even with the help of generic software like Excel spreadsheets. Purpose-built space management software allows scaling to happen seamlessly.

Mobile reservations

Use a mobile app’s intuitive interface to view a floor plan and easily manage bookings from anywhere.

Optimal employee-to-desk ratios

Integrate your sensor and check-in data for better office hoteling and space planning strategies.

Campus-specific reporting

Generate reports on course lists, course changes, time usage, time block violations, and more.

Meeting rooms for any activity

Manage bookings across rooms and buildings and filter available rooms by location, capacity, or available resources.

Event detail management

Attach all relevant services and documentation to a booking and add comments where needed for easy reference.

Digital signage and kiosks

Access real-time information, floor plan layouts, and space availability details in modern, visually impressive devices.

Integrated calendaring

Integrate space management software with Outlook, Exchange, Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex and other favorite apps.

Flexible work capabilities

Support your workforce no matter where they are: at the office, fully remote, or taking part in hybrid work.

Self-service video conferencing

Eliminate complexity through one-click workflows and integrations with popular VC technologies.