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Space Management Software ― Make the Most of Your Real Estate

Get the most out of your valuable square footage and create experiences that delight your employees, students, customers, and visitors.

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Transform Your Spaces with a Space Management Program

Discover how EMS space management software helps your organization understand and optimize the space at your workplace or campus.

Enhance productivity

The ideal workspace or meeting space elevates productivity. Your employees and students can easily find and book spaces based on space type, availability, occupancy limits, services, included resources and equipment, nearby amenities, and more.

Increase collaboration

Help your people work best together by offering ideal gathering locations ― whether in-person, remotely, or a combination in the hybrid workplace — with useful tools like on-the-spot room reservations, designated “work neighborhoods,” and integrated video conferencing.

Gain flexibility

When hybrid workers are in the office, give them access to the spaces they need to get work done. Space management software helps mobilize your workforce and creates a flexible, engaging employee experience.

Create impressive events

Wow your customers and campus visitors. Simplify event management through complete space planning control for any type of event or conference in a single source of record. Automations mean no detail goes overlooked.

Promote well-being

Ensure safe, clean areas for employees, students, and others in your personal and meeting spaces. Space management software reports show which spaces have been booked and used so you can appropriately schedule cleaning and sanitation.

Get space utilization insights

Understand how people interact with your facilities and buildings so you can make the best use of your spaces. Track critical space planning metrics such as usage, cancellations, meeting type, service changes, space occupancy, and more for increased usage visibility.

Comprehensive Space Management Tools

Automate the processes of finding available space, scheduling office and campus space, and reporting on usage with space utilization software.

Office hoteling, hot desking, and personal space booking

Office hoteling, hot desking, and personal space booking system

Employees can’t find workspaces? Students competing for study spaces? Visitors need parking space reservations? Make it easy to book the right place, at the right time, for the right people. Whether you call it desk hoteling, hot desking, shared spaces management or something else ― it’s a smart way to create a productive and happier workplace or campus.

Meeting room booking and event management

Meeting room booking and event management solutions

Meeting and conference room scheduling doesn’t have to be complicated. Quickly add new meetings or make changes without having to cancel and redo an entire space reservation. Create and approve bookings using wizards, or design and publish online request forms. And improve communication with daily event reports and change alerts.

Space utilization and analysis

Space utilization and analysis tools

Space utilization data is critical for making the best use of your workplace and campus spaces. Track, understand and optimize your operations with space management software workplace trend reports. Analyze which spaces are used when, then import your facility management information and integrate with maintenance and HVAC to automate heating and cooling ― saving you energy and money.

Space and Workplace Management Software ― For All Industries

No matter your industry, we can help you apply your space data to optimize your space, enabling you to run efficiently on limited resources.

Enterprise workplace management

Give your people the workspaces, resources, and technology they need in your corporate offices. Create spaces where employees can gather, optimize your real estate, and support your workforce no matter they are ― in office, fully remote, or hybrid.

Campus academic and event management software

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. It helps you manage your classrooms, final exams, department meetings, faculty offices, study spaces, campus events, and many other types of space.

Professional services space management software

Connect people to workspaces, resources, and technology in your legal, financial, insurance, consulting, or other professional services. Provide white glove service to customers, create seamless employee experiences, and enhance your reputation in the industry.

Dedicated Space Management Software for Better Space Scheduling

Scheduling desks, rooms, and resources quickly gets messy, even with the help of generic software like Excel spreadsheets. Purpose-built space management software allows scaling to happen seamlessly.

Mobile reservations

Use a mobile app’s intuitive interface to view a floor plan and easily manage bookings from anywhere.

Optimal employee-to-desk ratios

Integrate your sensor and check-in data for better office hoteling and space planning strategies.

Campus-specific reporting

Generate reports on course lists, course changes, time usage, time block violations, and more.

Meeting rooms for any activity

Manage bookings across rooms and buildings and filter available rooms by location, capacity, or available resources.

Event detail management

Attach all relevant services and documentation to a booking and add comments where needed for easy reference.

Digital signage and kiosks

Access real-time information, floor plan layouts, and space availability details in modern, visually impressive devices.

Integrated calendaring

Integrate space management software with Outlook, Exchange, Teams, Zoom, Skype, Webex and other favorite apps.

Flexible work capabilities

Support your workforce no matter where they are: at the office, fully remote or taking part in hybrid work.

Self-service video conferencing

Eliminate complexity through one-click workflows and integrations with popular VC technologies.

Integrated workplace management system features

As part of an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), space management and space planning software digitally transform your operations.


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