Schedule Any Space Imaginable

EMS: Shared Space and Resource Scheduling

Parking spots, bike racks, lab equipment, pool lanes – the need for reservable spaces and resources at your campus or workplace goes beyond desk booking and meeting room reservations. EMS space and resource scheduling tools make it all possible.

EMS: Shared Space and Resource Scheduling

Easy Booking for Personal Spaces

Need to manage parking spaces at the office? Want to track recreational equipment at your higher ed institution? Individuals can easily book these and more with EMS space and resource scheduling software.

Quickly book any type of space

Connect your people to all kinds of spaces and resources. Forget manually assigning lockers at the company gym or requiring campus visitors to drive aimlessly around searching for a parking space. With EMS, reserving space is a snap.

Simplify reservations

Enable self-service booking with the EMS mobile app, web tool and calendar integrations. People can easily book, update, modify and cancel reservations directly from their point of need, in one easy-to-use interface.

Create smooth experiences

Your employees, students, visitors and other individuals expect flexible, activity-based workplaces and campuses. Help meet those expectations with EMS by making spaces and resources accessible on-demand.

No-Hassle Space Reservation

EMS is packed with features that make booking personal spaces as easy as 1-2-3.

Book quickly and conveniently

With EMS, people can use a variety of access points to claim resources or spaces, including mobile phones, tablets and digital signs. Check in at kiosks, book spaces in advance through online request forms, or use calendaring programs like Outlook to make reservations.

Use your favorite apps

Remain in one interface to book a space and add it to your schedule. EMS integrates with calendar and communication tools including Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, Teams, Microsoft Exchange, Webex, Skype for Business and other favorite apps.

Get data-informed insights

Discover where the favorite study spots or employee workspaces are located at your workplace or campus. Comprehensive, integrated data gives you key insights into important space usage analytics so you can determine how to offer the spaces and resources your people desire most.

Industries Served

No matter your industry, EMS space and resource booking software delivers proven results. Its highly configurable structure can be aligned to meet your organization's unique needs.

Enterprise workplace management

Mobilizing your workforce starts by connecting your employees with the workspaces they need to be more efficient. But EMS software goes further, offering a more holistic approach to enhancing your workplace operations.

Campus academic and event management

EMS is built to support the scheduling needs of your campus. Manage not just individual student spaces but also classrooms, final exams, departmental collaborations, faculty offices, conferences, event spaces and more.

Why EMS?

If you can dream it, you can make it bookable. Some of the unique ways our customers use EMS to schedule non-traditional “spaces”:

Summer housing

Randolph Macon College uses EMS to manage dorm space for summer camps and conferences.

Parking spaces

University of Vermont has incorporated parking, transportation, athletic operations and catering.

Climbing walls and Ultimate fields

At Texas A&M University, students use EMS to book rock climbing walls, pool lanes, canoe trips and Ultimate fields.

Campus-wide services

The catering office, facilities department, Public Safety office and the university fleet at Bucknell University use EMS.

School mascot costumes

Wichita State University tracks three different mascot costumes so they know who has which ensemble.

Basketballs and gym equipment

The rec department at Wichita State University also uses EMS to check out basketballs and other athletic equipment.