Professional Services

Connect people to workspaces, resources, and technology in your legal, financial, insurance, consulting, or other professional services.

People talking in a meeting room

Connectivity, Collaboration, and Efficiency

Legal firms, financial and insurance services, consulting, and other professional services firms —transform how people and spaces work together, no matter your industry.

Superb client experience

Provide white-glove service and enhance your reputation with flawless meetings.

Employee recruitment and retention

Create a seamless employee experience with easy desk and room booking.

Space optimization

Make the most of your valuable real estate through detailed space utilization analysis.


Get connected. Integrate hardware and software systems with our powerful platform for collaborative experiences.  

EMS: A Platform for All Your Spaces

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all scheduling solution? EMS solves for a multitude of scenarios and is designed to meet your organization's wide range of scheduling needs.