Simplify Meeting Scheduling

EMS: Meeting Room Scheduling Software

Find the ideal place to meet on campus or at the office. Whether you’re booking a conference room, classroom, board room, huddle room or other space, EMS meeting room scheduling software has you covered.

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Hassle-Free Scheduling with EMS Room Scheduling Software

See how EMS room scheduling software can help your organization cut costs, streamline booking and create a top-notch conference room experience at your workplace or campus.

Enjoy flexible scheduling

Meeting room booking doesn’t have to be difficult. EMS room booking software lets you easily reserve spaces however you prefer, whether that’s via mobile, web app, tablet, calendar tool, touchscreen kiosk or digital sign.

Get comprehensive room info

Ensure a particular space meets your requirements. With EMS, you can access details like room size, number of seats available and available technology – so you’ll always have the meeting room information you need.

Enable frictionless communication

Scheduling meetings across devices, tools and departments? EMS conference room scheduling software facilitates communication everywhere, thanks to its video conferencing integrations, centralized calendar and device-agnostic interface.

Improve space utilization

Manage real estate costs and make the most out of your organization’s square footage. Using EMS workspace room booking software, you can gain real-time insight into your utilization metrics to inform budgets and increase real estate ROI.

Easily manage shared spaces

Advanced features – like integrated kiosks, desk signage, interactive floor plans, global scalability and analytics – make it easier to mobilize your workforce and improve your organization’s productivity, innovation and efficiency.

Avoid overcrowding

Using EMS room reservation software, you can block off spaces and use conference room display panels and mobile booking options to set room capacities and facilitate visitor management for a safe campus or workplace experience.

Ideal Meeting Spaces with EMS Room Reservation Software

From start to finish, EMS offers a flexible and secure reservation and meeting room booking process.

Connect to existing tools and apps - Main

Connect to existing tools and apps

There’s no need to jump back and forth between applications just to schedule a meeting space. EMS integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, Zoom, Webex, Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and other favorite apps and tools.

Save time through configurable processes - Main

Save time through configurable processes

Quickly add new meetings or make changes to timing and resources without having to cancel and redo an entire reservation. Create and approve reservations using wizards and drag-and-drop functionality, or design and publish configurable online request forms.

Integrate with building systems - Main

Integrate with building systems

Unused or underutilized space often has continually running utilities, leading to large and unnecessary expenses for your workplace or campus. Import your facility information and integrate with maintenance and HVAC to automate heating and cooling, saving you energy and money.

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Industries Served

No matter your industry, EMS meeting room scheduling software delivers proven results. Its highly configurable structure can be aligned to meet your organization's unique needs.

Enterprise workplace management

True workplace optimization begins by connecting your employees with the resources they need to boost employee productivity. But EMS meeting room reservation software goes further, offering a more holistic approach to enhancing your workplace operations.

Campus academic and event management

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. EMS helps you to manage your classrooms, final exams, departmental collaborations, faculty offices, study spaces, campus events and more.

Why EMS?

EMS scheduling software helps customers significantly lower meeting management overhead and overtime, improve meeting and resource visibility, and reduce meeting scheduling time. With EMS, you can:

Book anywhere

Using the EMS mobile app Direct Spaces, employees book conference rooms on the go.

Access real-time calendar information

View current reservations to see what spaces are open or where your next meeting is taking place.

Report on room usage and service metrics

Measure office demand and assess room usage trends – such as who uses a space, why, and for how long – and monitor service cost and use.

Quickly find rooms for any activity

Manage bookings across rooms and buildings and filter available rooms by location, capacity or available resources.

Send email alerts to hosts and attendees

Deliver automated confirmations, room and AV instructions, change notifications and check-in requests.

Enable self-service video conferencing

Eliminate the complexity of scheduling through one-click workflows and integrations with popular VC technologies.

Enforce permissions-based access

Set up reservation forms with custom rules and processes based on seniority or role.

Gain visibility with analytics and reporting

Streamline complex space requests and improve conference room space utilization with advanced analytics for data-informed decisions.

Generate and send invoices to anyone

Automatically bill departments and individuals for their use of rooms and services and track invoice status over time.

Report on room usage and service metrics

Assess room usage trends – such as who uses a space, why, and for how long – and monitor service cost and use.