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Meeting & Conference Room Scheduling Software

Online meeting room booking system – find the ideal place to meet at the office or on campus. Reserve a conference room, board room, or other meeting space fast & easy.

Meeting and Conference Room Scheduling Software

What is Room Scheduling Software?

Room scheduling software is designed to streamline and optimize the management of meeting spaces at your workplace or campus. It allows users to efficiently book, reserve, and coordinate rooms for any events, meetings, and activities. With real-time availability information and automated booking processes, room booking software enhances productivity and minimizes conflicts, ensuring seamless scheduling for employees and visitors alike. Having a meeting room booking system with a user-friendly interface and robust features is essential for modern businesses seeking to maximize their space utilization and operational efficiency.

Flexible meeting room booking

Room scheduling doesn’t have to be difficult. With our reservation software, easily reserve spaces however you prefer, whether that’s via mobile, web app, tablet, calendar tool, touchscreen kiosk, or digital sign.

Detailed room information

Make sure a particular space meets your requirements ― before you show up. With our room booking software, you can access details like room size, number of seats, and available technology during booking, so you’ll always have the meeting room information you need.

Frictionless room scheduling communication

Scheduling meetings across devices, tools, and departments? Conference room scheduling software means you can communicate when, where, and how you need through video conferencing integrations, a centralized calendar, automated notifications, and whatever interface you choose.

Comprehensive space utilization insights

Manage real estate costs and make the most out of your organization’s square footage. Our meeting room reservation software helps you gain real-time insight into your utilization metrics — for more accurate forecasting, better budgets, and increased real estate ROI.

Easily managed personal space

Our resource booking software provides you advanced features like integrated kiosks, desk signage, interactive floor plans, and analytics to make it easier to get work done and improve your organization’s productivity, innovation, and efficiency.

Health and well-being tools

With a conference room scheduling app, you can block off spaces and use conference room display panels and mobile booking options to limit room capacities. Automatically schedule cleaning and sanitation for a safer campus or workplace experience.

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Customers Love Accruent EMS Room Scheduling Software

Locate Ideal Meeting Spaces

From start to finish, our meeting room booking system helps you enjoy a flexible and secure booking process.

Meeting Room Booking Solution Connect to existing tools and apps

Connect to existing tools and apps

There’s no need to jump back and forth between applications just to schedule a meeting space. The EMS conference room scheduling app integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and other favorite apps and tools.

Meeting Room Booking Solution Save time through configurable processes

Save time with room scheduling software

Quickly add new meetings or make changes to timing and resources without having to cancel and redo an entire booking. Create and approve requests using wizards and drag-and-drop functionality, or design and publish configurable online request forms.

Meeting Room Reservation software integrated with building system

Integrate with building systems

Utilities that are always running ― even when a space is unoccupied — create large and unnecessary expenses for your workplace or campus. Our resource booking software lets you import your facility information and integrate with maintenance and HVAC to automate heating and cooling, saving you energy and money.

Industries Served

No matter your industry, our meeting room scheduling software delivers proven results.

Enterprise workplace management

Give your people the workspaces, resources, and technology they need in your corporate offices. Create spaces where employees can gather, optimize your real estate, and support your workforce no matter they are ― in office, fully remote, or hybrid.

Campus academic and event management software 

EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. It helps you manage your classrooms, final exams, department meetings, faculty offices, study spaces, campus events, and many other types of space.

Professional services space management software

Connect people to workspaces, resources, and technology in your legal, financial, insurance, consulting, or other professional services. Provide white glove service to customers, create seamless employee experiences, and enhance your reputation in the industry.

Why EMS Room Scheduling Software?

Our meeting room reservation software helps you lower administrative overhead and reduce meeting scheduling time. You can:

Why EMS Room Scheduling Software?

Book anywhere

Book conference rooms on the go with the Direct Spaces mobile app.

Access real-time calendar information

Use meeting booking software to see what spaces are currently open or where your next meeting is taking place.

Report on room usage and service metrics

Measure office demand and assess usage trends – such as who uses a space, why, and for how long – as you monitor service cost and use.

Quickly find rooms for any activity

Manage bookings across rooms and buildings and filter available rooms by location, capacity, or available resources.

Send email alerts to hosts and attendees

Get automated confirmations, room instructions, change notifications, and check-in requests.

Enable self-service video conferencing

Eliminate scheduling complexity with one-click workflows and popular VC technology integrations.

Enforce permissions-based access

Set up reservation forms with custom rules and processes based on seniority or role.

Gain visibility with analytics and reporting

Streamline space requests and improve conference room space utilization with advanced analytics.

Generate and send invoices to anyone

Automatically bill departments and individuals for room and service use, and track invoice status over time.

People Also Ask

What is a conference room scheduler?

Room scheduling software or conference room schedulers are designed to streamline and optimize the management of meeting spaces at your workplace or campus.

What’s the difference between a conference room and a meeting room?

The terms "conference room" and "meeting room" are often used interchangeably, but they can have slightly different connotations depending on the context and the organization. The distinctions between these two types of rooms can vary, but here's a general overview of how they are commonly understood:

Conference Room: A conference room is typically a larger and more formal space designed to accommodate larger groups of people, often used for presentations, seminars, workshops, and larger company meetings. Conference rooms might be equipped with advanced audiovisual equipment, large screens, projectors, and teleconferencing facilities to facilitate presentations and discussions involving remote participants. Due to their larger size and more sophisticated equipment, conference rooms are often chosen for events that involve higher-level discussions or presentations that require a more professional setup. EMS software has advanced video conferencing features for large-scale virtual events.

Meeting Room: A meeting room is a more generic term that can refer to various types of spaces where meetings are held. These rooms are usually smaller and designed for more intimate discussions, team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and small presentations. While they might also be equipped with basic presentation equipment like projectors and whiteboards, they are generally less advanced in terms of technology compared to conference rooms. Meeting rooms are commonly used for internal team meetings, discussions with clients or partners, and other smaller-scale gatherings. EMS software can also accommodate for these use-cases.

What software is used for reservations?

Accruent EMS Software specializes in space management and scheduling for educational institutions. While EMS software is designed to optimize the use of space and resources within educational facilities, it can also be used for reservations in an educational context.

What is a meeting room booking system?

A meeting room booking system is a digital tool or software that allows organizations to efficiently reserve and manage their meeting spaces. It simplifies the process of scheduling meetings by providing a centralized platform where users can check room availability, select a suitable time slot, and book a room for their meetings or events. These systems often integrate with calendars and send notifications to participants.