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The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) consists of 17 public colleges and universities across Connecticut, including 4 state universities, 12 community colleges, and Charter Oak State College. Its learning environments enable over 140,000 students to achieve their personal and career goals, as well as contribute to the economic growth of Connecticut.

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EMS is flexible enough to support standardized processes and data management across the system, while also handling some specific, unique needs for individual campuses.”
Jama Yusuf, OIT Development Manager


The Challenge

When the colleges merged statewide into a single university system, the CSCU’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) team was left with a patchwork of different systems. The tools and processes used for scheduling space and managing events were mostly archaic, manually intensive and error prone. Many CSCU institutions struggled to manage events and room schedules efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.

  • Disparate, legacy systems across individual colleges
  • Manual and error-prone space scheduling
  • Increasing pressure to “do more with less”
It was a challenge to implement a single system for the 12 community colleges. The consultants immediately recognized that and were very flexible and patient, offering ideas and solutions to different challenges each college was experiencing.”
Jama Yusuf, OIT Development Manager


The Solution

In an effort to consolidate systems and “do more with less,” the OIT team chose EMS as its single scheduling and event management solution. Although some colleges had centralized models for managing facilities and others had distributed models, the EMS solution proved flexible enough to handle either approach. The solution could handle system-wide requirements while offering the flexibility for unique, campus-level needs.

  • Unified scheduling platform across colleges
  • Automated scheduling for classrooms and non-academic space
  • Integration with existing student information system (SIS)
The consultants I worked with were really great at dealing with our uniqueness and understanding the needs of our system. They looked at is as a great challenge and made it a success.”
Joe McAuliffe, OIT Senior Director Of Business Information Systems


The Result

EMS is now used at all CSCU schools to manage academic and non-academic space. The integrated platform ensures data accuracy, simplifies reporting and allows each college or university in the system to easily share facilities utilization data with the Institutional Research Office. The scheduling and events management departments can operate with less staff while boosting user productivity, improving space utilization and driving event revenues.

  • Removed space scheduling bottlenecks
  • Boosted scheduling and events management team productivity
  • Increased sharing of facilities utilization data
  • Improved space utilization that drive higher revenues

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