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Find and book available rooms and any necessary services and resources — all within Microsoft® Outlook, an application users already know.

EMS for Microsoft Outlook is an optional add-in that integrates EMS room reservation processes directly with Outlook 2010 and later versions. Users can simultaneously view room availability in addition to attendee free / busy information and then book and manage their meetings directly within Outlook. An ideal EMS access point for reserving spaces used on a first-come, first-served basis.


Streamlined scheduling for every user

The EMS for Outlook add-in provides one-click access to self-service room reservation and resource booking from within the familiar Outlook personal scheduling interface. While in Outlook, EMS users can.

  • Find available rooms and reserve them (using EMS business rules).
  • Book reservations with resources, such as audio-visual equipment or catering, visitors, and reservations with service orders.
  • Display the availability of users and resources through Exchange integration.
  • Invite and update all participants via email.
  • Resolve room conflicts for recurring meetings by selecting alternate rooms.


Why Outlook alone is not sufficient

Today’s workplace needs have surpassed the capabilities that Outlook alone can provide. While many organizations rely on Outlook to manage their meetings, the tool was never built to manage the realities of today’s workplaces and campuses. Schedulers get frustrated with too many calendars, too little information, and no reporting capability.

Outlook offers ‘Rooms as Resources’, which in reality books a mailbox that has been labeled as a ‘room’. Exchange and Outlook don’t understand what space is beyond a title and the ability to add certain limits on user requests and time horizons. For example, Outlook cannot:

  • Offer access to services and resources to add to a meeting or event.
  • Manage conflicts for recurring meetings.
  • Provide advanced booking rules (such as no cutoff rules).
  • Search for available rooms.
  • Group or filter rooms per building / area / view.
  • Offer a list of favorite (commonly used) spaces.
  • Support room attributes or capture any additional meeting details.
  • Report on meeting, service, and resource details.
  • Create billing information and send detailed invoices.


Top Benefits

Flexible Scheduling
Flexible Scheduling

Book or change reservations in Outlook while using EMS features and booking rules.


Seamlessly access EMS within Outlook, the familiar calendar and scheduling tool you’ve been using for years. 


Enable users to easily find the right space for their exact needs and send real-time updates when a meeting is cancelled or changed within Outlook.

Self-Service Friendly
Self-Service Friendly

Manage attendees and book a space in the same interface, with support for recurring meetings, service orders, custom fields, billing info, and more.

Highly Configurable
Highly Configurable

Control what information is seen and what tasks users can perform.

Key Features

EMS for Outlook is an optional add-in for Microsoft® Outlook. When it’s installed, users see the EMS for Outlook icon in the top ribbon of the Outlook application window and at the top of any calendar item.

To create an EMS meeting in Outlook, simply click on the EMS icon within Outlook, make your reservation, and then save and send. With EMS for Outlook, users can:

  • Book a one-time meeting, recurring meeting, or video conference.
  • Choose from one or more booking templates based on user types and groups.
  • Add services, like catering and A/V, and their visitors and billing information to a booking.
  • Resolve room conflicts for changed or recurring meetings.
  • Invite and update all participants via email.
  • Search for available rooms throughout your EMS database.
  • Filter by location, capacity, room attributes, and room type.
  • View room, resource, and attendee availability (through Exchange integration).
  • Define and select from Favorite rooms and buildings to save time.
  • Drill down on any space or room to show details like capacity and photos.
  • Use existing Outlook delegation rules and assignments.
  • Create self-service video conferencing with Skype for Business.

When a user changes or cancels a meeting, the add-in automatically updates the EMS database. Should the user request a room, service, or resource that does require approvals, EMS can be set to automatically alert the EMS administrator for any notifications or required approvals.


Technical Specifications

Pre-requisites for Enabling Users

Because EMS for Outlook is an optional access point, organizations must configure EMS to activate the add-in for Outlook users. Each Outlook user must also have an active EMS user account, which will establish their room booking privileges based on their assigned EMS groups and booking templates.

The EMS for Outlook Components

EMS for Outlook is comprised of two main components:

  1. The Integration to Microsoft® Exchange Web Service. This web service manages all communication / transactions between the EMS for Microsoft® Outlook and the EMS database including checking room availability, booking the meeting in EMS, and managing changes.
  2. EMS for Outlook Add-in. This add-in integrates EMS’ room reservation process directly with Microsoft Outlook 2010 and later versions. This add-in must be installed on each user’s PC desktop.

Installing and Updating the Add-in

EMS for Microsoft Outlook is available for either 32- or 64-bit installation. Administrators can choose to manually install the file on any user PC or to use the web deployment option to host the EMS for Outlook add-in on a web server. This web deployment option allows Administrators to push the URL to any EMS Administrators so they can download EMS for Outlook without needing Administrative Privileges on their local machine.


Office 365  
Outlook 2016  
Outlook 2013  
Outlook 2010  
.NET Framework 4.6.1
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime VSTOR 2010

*Must be run on Microsoft Windows operating system. Outlook for Mac is not supported.


Office 365
Exchange 2016
Exchange 2013
Exchange 2010 SP3

For additional information, read Using EMS for Microsoft Outlook and EMS for Outlook Requirements.

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