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The EMS Web App is a browser-based interface to EMS that helps you to find and book an available workspace as well as schedule and manage meetings, events, services, and more.

With the Web App (formerly known as Virtual EMS), you can empower your employees to self-serve for specific meeting or work spaces or give them the ability to request reservations for managed spaces.


Anywhere scheduling for everyone

The EMS Web App is a responsive user interface that allows everyday users to make reservations using an internet enabled browser or mobile device, no matter where they’re located. With the Web App:

  • AN EMPLOYEE can access her seat assignments, book a future workspace or meeting room, or check in and extend her time in a workspace.
  • AN EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT can check on the status of his executive’s meetings and schedule a meeting or book a room on their behalf.
  • A SALES REP can request a meeting room with services, check out a portable projector for offsite meetings, review a booking status, book services for clients, and even check in to a meeting.
  • A STUDENT can view a calendar of what’s happening on campus, book a study room, or request a classroom for a club meeting.
  • CAMPUS FACILITY OR STAFF can locate the most appropriate room with resources such as A/V on campus for an upcoming lecture or reception, or book a room for a single or reoccurring meeting.


Not just for simple reservations

Whether you’re in a corporation or on a campus, the EMS Web App can help you work smarter, improve your workplace experience, and foster pride in being part of a ‘cool’ organization.

At its simplest, the EMS Web App is the most convenient way for users to book an available room or workspace for a single date and time.

Inside the Web App, users select from a series of pre-defined booking templates, such as ‘Book a Room’ or ‘Make a Reservation’, to do everything from reserve an open desk to set up a team meeting and invite attendees. Based on permissions, a user can view upcoming events, browse locations for possible meetings (even without a set date and time), and check on the availability of co-workers.

The Web App is personalized for each user, with filters, templates, and designated favorites. With ‘My Bookings’, users can check-in, cancel, end, and edit their meetings. When enabled, they can view the floor plan for a visual way to find and book a space or workspace and can drill down to specific room information and rules.

Managing complex reservations and space requiring approval

With the EMS Web App, users can request rooms with services like A/V or catering, make bookings for multiple dates (recurring and non-recurring), and enter service-only requests, like demonstration laptops.

Room administrators and conference planners can assign whatever templates they wish to a user or group, such as for booking a conference room, an athletic field, or even a vehicle from the motor pool. They can add user defined fields, like client matter or calendaring details, for any template.


Top Benefits

Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity

Book or request reservations from anywhere using a mobile or desktop browser.

Improve Communication
Improve Communication

Send emails, book other attendees, and make specific space and service requests that save time and reduce errors.

Highly Configurable
Highly Configurable

Control what information is seen and what tasks users can perform.

Differentiate Your Brand
Differentiate Your Brand

Customize the look and feel of the Web App for your organization’s colors, styles, and logo.


Deliver user-specific templates, select and save favorites, and establish a delegate.

Key Features

The EMS Web App provides vast capabilities for end users, including:

  • Search by location, event, and people as well as personalization filters and self-designated favorites.
  • A single-screen view of meetings to view all current or past bookings.
  • Room booking and service requests, with the ability to edit, cancel, check in, or extend reservation times.
  • Busy/free information for users (through Exchange Integration or Google Calendar Integration).
  • Specific room rules, such as max capacity and meeting duration, and information such as photos, floor plans, and setup options.
  • Reservation-level tools such as summary emails and calendar file downloading.
  • One-click, self-service video conferencing with Skype for Business Integration.

For administrators, the Web App offers a wide variety of controls and options, including:

  • Service summary panel and service availability to assist user requests.
  • Multi-location, automatic videoconference equipment inventory enforcement.
  • Custom styles that promote your organization’s brand, such as logo and color scheme.
  • Configurable help text.
  • Language translation support.
  • Reservation support for both authenticated and unauthenticated (guest) users.
  • Multiple user authentication options include Manual, with account creation validation via email, or Integrated Windows Authentication, LDAP, and Portal/Federated.


Technical Specification


  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari (Mac)


  • Internet Explorer for Mobile 8.1 - Windows
  • Internet Explorer for Mobile 10 - Windows
  • Chrome - Android, iOS 8, iOS 9
  • Safari - iOS 8, iOS 9


Windows Server 2008 R2 7/7.5 -
Windows Server 2012 8 -
Windows Server 2012 R2 8.5 -
Windows Server 2016 10 -
Application Pool Running   4.0*
.NET Framework Installed   4.6.1*

*Varies per application

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