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The EMS Room Sign App displays real-time meeting information and at-a-glance room availability on wall-mounted room signs. Employees and visitors know they're in the right place for their meeting and are empowered to extend, end, or even make a new reservation on the spot.

For everyday users of your EMS room and meeting scheduling solution, the Room Sign App is the simplest, most convenient way to book meetings. Expert users will appreciate how easily the Room Sign App can be configured in multiple ways on a variety of tablets. The Room Sign App is available as an additional module for EMS.

Enabling the Digital Workspace

Digital technologies help people work smarter, improve their workplace experience, and foster pride in being part of a 'cool' organization. Placed outside the entrance to meeting rooms, wall-mounted digital signs with EMS software allow employees to book themselves into reservable spaces. Users can:

  • Easily view color-coded meeting details and the daily schedule for the room
  • Schedule a room on-the-spot for immediate meetings
  • Check in to meetings prior to start
  • Extend a reservation for a meeting that is running long
  • Auto-cancel a meeting that does not occur


Top Benefits

Differentiate Your Brand
Differentiate Your Brand

Use sleek digital room signage to impress visitors, make employees proud, and enhance your reputation

Improve Communication
Improve Communication

Determine room availability on the spot without interruptions

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity

Book or change reservations on the go

Configure to Your Needs
Configure to Your Needs

Control what information is seen and what tasks users can perform


Key Features

The Room Sign App links a tablet to your EMS solution to show reservation details for a designated room.

  • Deploy on iPad Mini, Android tablets, or Windows tablets
  • Landscape mode or portrait mode with agenda view of day
  • Brand with a custom background and your organization's logo
  • Configure each sign from a simple display-only view to interactive check-in
  • Indicate room availability with multiple color-coded visual indicators
  • Turn on reservation auto-cancel when a user fails to check in
  • Require users to identify themselves before booking

*All hardware must be purchased separately

Technical Specifications

Software Specifications
The Room Sign App includes the EMS Room Sign App API and the EMS Room Sign App Website.

The Room Sign App API is housed on a web server and requires .NET 4.6.1 or later and Application Pool 4.0. It runs with Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, and 2016.

The Room Sign App website sits on the same web server as the API. Although the Room Sign App can be accessed from any web browser, it is designed for touch-enabled tablets to run in landscape mode.

Tablet Specifications
The software can be used on iPad, Android tablet, and Windows tablet capable of supporting:

  • Full screen web applications
  • Touch enabled and run in landscape mode
  • Operating Systems: iOS 8, 9 (Safari), Android 4, 5, 6 (Chrome), Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (IE 11)
  • Supported screen resolutions: 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1660 x 900, 1920 x 1080

Additional information is available: EMS Room Sign App VideoConsiderations for Buying EMS Room Sign App (Glance), and Introduction to EMS Room Sign App (Glance).

Hardware and Integration
While EMS Software only provides the Room Sign App, we work closely with customers to specify their overall requirements. This includes consulting on integrations with popular room signage hardware. EMS Software works with global leaders of hardware solutions, including ArmorActive, to provide the hardware for digital room sign solutions. To learn more about our partners, contact EMS.

To learn more about the Room Sign App, contact EMS Software today.
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