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Designed for use on touchscreen displays, the EMS Kiosk App is powerful yet easy-to-use software that can serve as a digital office sign and interactive tool for any lobby or entryway. The Kiosk App software simplifies the on-site need to view a schedule of events, verify room availability, book space, find a meeting location, and more. Hardware stands and enclosures are not included with the Kiosk App.


EMS Kiosk for Meeting Services

The EMS Kiosk App is a highly configurable, on-site EMS access point that facilitates your employees’ and visitors’ ability to find, locate, and book meetings. The Kiosk App is an optional EMS module that connects directly with your EMS database so that all room and workspace information is accurately stored and displayed.

When guests, students, or employees approach the kiosk, they see your brand first. Kiosk users can interactively view facility information according to the permissions you set for them, such as access to event lists, search and location functions, and helpful floor plans – all of which ensure that they can locate, check in, and arrive at their meetings on time.

EMS Kiosk for Shared Workspace Management

The EMS Kiosk App is especially effective for digital workspace strategies and walk-up reservations for your mobile workforce. For office hoteling or hot desking environments, the Kiosk App offers:

  • Convenient, self-service check-in/out for shared workspaces, including using badge authentication.
  • A view of available/unavailable rooms on an office diagram with the Floor Plan module.
  • A ‘Locate Person’ function for finding colleagues’ work sites and meetings.
  • A view of public events or individualized schedules (after authentication).
  • User-definable language translation.
  • Workspace reservations for a single day or spanning consecutive days.


Top Benefits

Differentiate Your Brand
Differentiate Your Brand

Use the prominent, visually appealing displays to impress visitors, make employees proud, and enhance your reputation.

Increased Productivity
Increased Productivity

Simplifies how employees, students, or guests can book or check in to a space and shows floor plans that help guide them to their destination.

Improved Communication
Improved Communication

Determine room and workspace availability in real time and disply events and other timely information.

Extremely Configurable
Extremely Configurable

Control what information is seen, what language users can select, and what tasks users can perform.

Highly Secure
Highly Secure

Ensure that meeting and workspace use or cancellation is protected and correctly attributed with multiple levels of user security.

Key Features

The EMS Kiosk App links a kiosk to your EMS solution to allow and record reservation details for a designated room or workspace. With the Kiosk App, anyone can use a touchscreen kiosk to:

  • View the daily events for a building, facility, or floor.
  • View space information such as floor plans and seating charts.
  • Book a room or workspace according to preferences, such as proximity to individuals or teams.
  • Find and reserve space next to specific colleagues.
  • Locate and find the way to an existing meeting.
  • Access other information, like local events and train schedules.
  • Select one of multiple languages for information display (if programmed).

When you configure an EMS Kiosk on a specific touchscreen device, a Kiosk profile controls the functionality that will be available on the device. Each profile can control what buildings, rooms, areas, images, and language translations you’d like to display.


Technical Specifications

The EMS Kiosk App is an optional component that requires a separate license.

The EMS Kiosk App does not include hardware; however you can use it with devices purchased from a wide number of manufacturers and EMS hardware partners.

Hardware requirements to enable basic functionality:

  • Touch the monitor in landscape mode: 32” is recommended.
  • Display a full screen browser in Kiosk mode: Either IE 11 or the latest version of Chrome.

To host and install EMS Mobile, you will need the following:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Google Chrome*
  • Firefox*

*Latest versions

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Read Installing and Setting Up the EMS Kiosk App and Using the EMS Kiosk for additional information.

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