What is room reservation software?  

Room reservation software is a powerful digital tool that can help organizations, students, and employees find and reserve the most appropriate spaces for their needs. This helps:  

  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Improve space utilization
  • Streamline social distancing efforts  
  • Maintain the right room capacity  
  • Increase workplace safety  


Who uses room management software?  

Many different groups and companies can effectively use a room reservation software, and it is an appropriate tool for anyone who wants to better manage their meeting and event booking activities. Employees from all departments can use room reservation software, including workplace leaders, IT, facilities managers and more.  


Why use room reservation software?  

Organizations should use a room reservation software to:  

  • Reduce meeting and room reservation friction  
  • Eliminate meeting misunderstandings  
  • Decrease wasted time  
  • Improve space utilization 
  • Increase collaboration, even across teams and sites


What are the benefits of a space and meeting reservation software?  

Looking more granularly, there are many benefits of room reservation software. With the right room reservation tool, users can:  


Maximize Space Utilization  

Real estate is one of the biggest costs for any organization, and poor space utilization can mean lower ROI, decreased efficiency and more. By ensuring that users find the most appropriate spaces and improving analytics, room reservation software can resolve all these concerns.  


Facilitate Administration  

Many administration tasks are time-consuming and inefficient. Automating these tasks in your room reservation software can save time, eliminate confusion and increase administrative productivity.  


Make Meeting Logistics Easy  

With the right room reservation software, you can take the confusion out of meeting scheduling, cancellations, integrations, double-booking and other logistics concerns. This can not only increase productivity but also improve the employee experience.  


Integrate with All Your Tools  

The right tool will help you connect all departments and applications through one centralized platform, including your calendaring tools, email and more. 


Gain Actionable Insight  

Effective dashboards and analytics can help your team improve operations and make fast, effective decisions. This can increase productivity and effectiveness over time.  


What are standout features of room reservation software?

A robust room reservation software should have core features and functionalities, including:  


Multiple Modes of Work  

With a robust tool like EMS, users can reserve a workspace, cancel a reservation, or view a reservation via desktop, kiosk or smart device.  


Floorplans and Maps  

Using maps and floor plans, users can visualize spaces, identify appropriate spaces, find their way to meetings and improve the user experience.  


User Management  

User management can help ensure that the right users have the right access to tools at the right time. It can also limit interactions of certain users to ensure that your data is always safe and secure.  


Online Payment Options  

With the right tool, you’ll be able to securely accept online payments from any third-party vendors, including catering and AV equipment vendors.  


Multiple Sign-In Options  

You can use many credentials like SAML SSO, Google or Microsoft to protect your sensitive meeting information.


Mobile Capabilities  

With a robust mobile tool like EMS’ Direct Spaces, you can self-service book, check your maps, cancel reservations and more directly from your mobile device.


Diverse Invitation Options  

Invite guests to your meeting directly through the app, via email, via their calendar app or through another tool.  

Ready to learn more? Find more information about EMS room reservation software here.