What is Conference Room Management Software?  

Conference room management software is a solution that can help you find spaces, schedule meetings and effectively navigate your physical and hybrid spaces. Today, this is more important than ever: in the wake of COVID-19, organizations must find a way to:  

  • Safely meet face-to-face
  • Increase space utilization
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Increase employee productivity  
  • Automate booking and scheduling tasks  

The right conference room management software can help.  


How Does Conference Room Management Software Work?  

Booking an appropriate space on the EMS meeting and room scheduling app can be as easy as one, two, three:  

  1. Find the right room: Using the EMS app or the Direct Spaces mobile app, you can look at things like floor plans, room availability, tech resources and more to discover the most appropriate available room for your needs.
  2. Check in or modify: From there, you can secure the space and check-in easily. Users will be automatically invited, and they can easily modify or find details about the reservation directly at their fingertips.
  3. Cancel easily: If your plans change – or a space no longer works for you – you can cancel your reservation and notify your attendees quickly and easily.  
  4. Keep everyone safe: It will be easy for you to control what spaces have been booked and what – and you can use this information to facilitate sanitation, social distancing and more.  


What Are Benefits of Conference Room Management Software?  

There are many benefits of conference room management software for businesses and campuses. With a robust conference room management software, you can:  


Use All Your Favorite Tools  

With a conference room management software like EMS, you can connect to all of your favorite calendaring tools, including Exchange, Outlook and Office 365.  


Find the Right Room for Your Needs  

Key details like number of attendees, room layout, technological capability and more can help you find the right room for your unique needs.  


Make Data-Driven Decisions  

Robust analytics can help you make informed decisions and plans about your space utilization costs, workplace design and sanitation efforts. This can not only increase employee safety but also lower costs over time.  


Effectively Manage Your Reservations  

If participants cancel last-minute or you realize a certain space won’t work, you can easily cancel your meeting and free up the room for others to utilize.
Room reservation software like EMS can handle these requests with ease.


Maximize Productivity  

With EMS, collaboration and the technological experience are much more streamlined. This ultimately makes it easier to maintain employee safety, productivity and satisfaction.  


Increase Employee Safety  

You can prevent overcrowding and facilitate social distancing with capacity limits, health checks and sanitation schedules  


Avoid Scheduling Conflicts  

Using EMS, you only find, schedule, and book meetings in available rooms. This streamlines the scheduling process and avoids errors, double bookings, scheduling conflicts and other frustrating space management concerns.  


Improve Space Utilization  

Many office spaces and conference rooms are underutilized, and this can lead to lower revenue and productivity over time. Using a conference room scheduling app like EMS, you can predict utilization trends and change your policies or best practices to maximize space utilization over time.  


Reduce Administration

Administrative tasks can be costly and inefficient. Using a conference room management tool, you can automate many of these tasks, thereby saving time and productivity.  


What are Features of a Conference Room Management Software?  

There are many features to look for in a conference room scheduling software. These include:  


Check-In and Updating Capabilities  

Using EMS, your team can easily check into rooms, send updates, end meetings and free up space for other users.  


A Multi-Device Solution  

Today, working with powerful mobile and multi-site tools is a must. EMS provides functionality via laptop, smartphone, kiosk, tablet and more.  


Mobile Capabilities

With EMS Direct Spaces, you can self-serve and book appropriate spaces, find them on the map, update reservations and more while you’re on-the-go.  


Privacy and Security Controls  

You can use many credentials like SAML SSO or Microsoft to protect your sensitive meeting information.  


Comprehensive Analytics and Data Insights

Comprehensive analytics can help you uncover deep insights about room capacity, utilization, usage hours and more. This information can be used to facilitate decision-making and cost savings over time.  


Real-Time Capabilities  

Seeing room availability and searching in real time can help guarantee that your team finds the best room to meet their needs.  


Multi-Site Functionalities  

Particularly in a post-COVID world, users must be able to manage their conference rooms and meeting spaces across sites and devices. Using EMS, you can see reservation rules, capacity, tech capabilities and more for any device or location.  


Integrated Booking Calendar

The EMS booking calendar integrates with your existing calendaring tools so you can see your personal and professional meetings at a glance.  


Straightforward Implementation  

A straightforward implementation – including one-time platform setup, solid data security and 24/7 customer support – is key to the success of any new software.


User Management

It’s important to control how each user can interact with your schedule. This not only simplifies the booking process but also ensures that no mistakes are made within the system.  


Floor Plan View

Floor plan views allow users to visualize spaces and make more informed booking decisions.  


Payment Options  

The right tool will let you securely accept online payments.  

Learn more about conference room management software here.