If you’re not incorporating automated tools like conference room digital signage into your space management, you could be missing out on a big opportunity for your business. For one, studies have found that organizations can increase post-pandemic productivity levels by as much as 60% with accelerated automation and digitization. This, in turn, can help improve efficiency.

What’s more, past data also shows that more effective internal communication can vastly improve productivity levels. Conference room digital signage can serve a dual purpose in this regard, helping to keep employees informed and providing marked benefits for visitors. That’s why almost 50% of communication professionals use digital signage as part of their communication strategy.

Interested in improving communication within your organization? Read on to learn the basics of digital signage and how adding a conference room digital signage display can increase efficiency within your company.


Features of Conference Room Digital Signage

Digital signage began to stand out in the early 90s. Since then, many technological advancements enable the use of displays for a variety of functions. You should know what to consider and incorporate into your implementation plan.

One of the first things is to ensure easy hardware and software integration into your current system. To get this right, you must consider:  


Type and Size of Screen

The type and size of your displays will depend on the size of your conference room. That said, even if you need many different sizes, you should always use the same display model. This will allow employees to familiarize themselves with the platform easily and consistently across devices.  

You must also ensure the digital signage software you use is compatible with the screen that you choose or with any additional features – like an interactive or touchscreen display – that you want to incorporate into your business.  


Type of Software

The digital signage software you use will depend on the functionality you wish to have. Your software should be fully customized to suit your company's needs. Typically, organizations use conference room digital signage displays to:

  • Display meeting information
  • Facilitate scheduling of meetings
  • Recognize employees
  • Display safety information or emergency alerts
  • Display specific company information

You can also use your software to display messaging apps like Slack and other video and web content.


Mounting Requirements

Next, you must consider the layout of your room or location, as this will affect the way you mount your displays. An all-glass conference room, for example, will require different mounting implements than a conference room with drywall or concrete walls.

If your space doesn’t support mounting options at all, you can also consider freestanding displays.  



Depending on the power source for both freestanding and wall-mount units, you may need extra electrical installations. This will require that also you find the best solutions to keep wiring out of sight.

With freestanding options, you may also need to use rechargeable batteries. In this case, make sure that you have ample charging stations to ensure fewer disruptions during a meeting due to uncharged devices.


ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets out Standards for Accessible Design. These standards pertain to public accommodation, websites, and technology platforms, and it requires organizations to ensure these are accessible and easy to use by persons with disabilities.

There are specific guidelines for digital platforms at office locations that lay out standards surrounding:  

  • Screen placement
  • Screen height
  • Screen housing depth.  

There should also be nothing obstructing your conference room signage displays.


Benefits of A Conference Room Digital Signage Display

There are many benefits to using digital signage within the workplace. Here are a few:

Easier Conference Room Scheduling

Scheduling software will ensure you no longer have any meeting conflicts while eliminating the need for a dedicated person to manage the system. You can also eliminate paper schedules that employees often forget to fill out.

This automation not only increases transparency but also allows employees to easily view the schedule, see what's available, and book the most appropriate room for their needs.  


Meeting Schedules

Conference room digital signage placed outside meeting rooms can display the meeting's status. That way, employees or visitors will know immediately if a room is available or if a meeting is in progress. This can drastically reduce occurrences of meeting interruptions, which can be quite distracting. It can also alert attendees if a meeting ends ahead of schedule. This can maximize productivity and space utilization over time.  


Remote Control

The cloud facilitates remote access to your scheduling system. This allows users to easily:  

  • Change meeting rooms
  • Update your content
  • Update meeting times
  • Change meeting attendees


Provide Employees and Visitors with Important Information

Conference room digital signage displays provide an effective way to share important information. This is crucial for day-to-day operations. It can also facilitate transparency during an emergency allowing you to display important updates or directions directly at your employees’ point of need.  

This is particularly effective if displays are placed at various locations throughout the organization.  


Employee Recognition

Acknowledging your employees' efforts motivates them. You can use your conference room's digital signage as a platform to showcase employee achievements. This will not only help them feel good about their accomplishments, but also encourage other employees to do more for recognition as well. You can also highlight:  

  • Milestones
  • Significant employee and company anniversaries
  • Team achievements

When your company meets a goal, don't be afraid to share it.


Upping Your Organization's Communication Game

Organizations should always look for ways to keep employees engaged. This has become even more important with the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic’s disruptions. Conference room digital signage can ensure your messaging reaches its intended audience.  

That said, before you can experience any of the benefits of digital signage, you must have a proper implementation plan. This must include:  

Your plans for your conference room digital signage display  

  • Your software  
  • Room layout  
  • Legal compliance  

 An experienced service provider can ensure you cover it all. Accruent has digital signage solutions for companies in all industries. We can help your company, too. Contact us today!