EMS’ Hot Desking and Office Hoteling Solution Modernizes Workspaces Through Increased Cooperation and Lower Real Estate Expenses

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  • Increase Safety by Allowing for Private, Socially Distanced Workspaces and Scheduling for Sanitization Procedures
  • Manage Various Spaces, Including Conference Rooms, Offices, Event Spaces, And Resources, To Customize How and Where Employees Want to Work
  • Implement EMS' Mobile Application Direct Spaces, Allowing Users to See Which Spaces Are Open, Book Rooms Ahead of Time, Request Long-Term or Group Bookings and Release Unused Rooms

What is Hot Desking?

Hot desking is a flexible workplace strategy in which employees are not assigned specific seats and choose where they sit on a first-come, first-served basis.  

With hot desking, users gain:

  • Improved space utilization
  • Guaranteed access to power outlets and phones
  • Easily bookable meeting rooms
  • Reduced real estate costs for the organization  
  • A more organized office space with less overall clutter
  • Easier cleaning and facility maintenance

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A Modern Hot Desk Booking System

Accruent's EMS is an industry-leading platform that combines space management with a modern hot desk booking system to connect people with the spaces and resources they need to find success.  

Our solution provides:

  • Complete Scheduling
  • Control Better Visibility into Space Utilization  
  • Easy Access Across Platforms  
  • Limitless Technology Integration

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Office Hoteling Can Open Up Your Business

Office hoteling can offer significant benefits, like increased collaboration and lower real estate expenses, but the switch must be done in a way that is right for your organization and for every employee.

Office hoteling gives users the ability to:

  • Allow for personalization
  • Employ a robust reservation software  
  • Enable notifications for missed check-ins
  • Make savvy use of utilization reports
  • Keep workspaces healthy

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EMS: The Hot Desk Booking Software Made Easy in Office 365

With EMS room booking and hot desking software, users can easily reserve or request spaces and services in the way they prefer, whether that’s using a mobile device, a calendar tool such as Microsoft® Outlook, or an on-location touchscreen kiosk or digital sign.  

This will help users:  

  • Connect with your favorite apps and tools  
  • Easily schedule in an in-office and at-home hybrid work environment  
  • Optimize space utilization  
  • Get your real estate costs under control  
  • Schedule on-the-go with mobile devices  
  • Avoid overcrowding and facilitate social distancing  
  • Gain access to real-time employee data


A Mobile Hot Desking App  

EMS’ Direct Spaces, a new mobile app for space management, provides employees and students with a unified, mobile-first experience. It allows users to use their smartphone to navigate, simplify and streamline navigating and booking their in-person facilities.  

Through Direct Spaces, users can create and change reservations and find bookings with an easy, intuitive user interface.  

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Manage Hot Desking and Office Hoteling -- Simply and Effectively

Accruent’s cloud-based workspace management and hot desk booking system offers a simple, flexible process that fits seamlessly into your established workflows using tools you already have to gives you greater visibility into how your space is being used.

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