The hybrid workplace is here—Google is experimenting with vertical displays in conference rooms for including remote workers, the demand for flexible workplaces is on the rise, and as organizations look at their return-to-work plans, blending in-person and remote work is absolutely essential.  

Here's how important video conferences has become since the start of the pandemic, by the numbers:  

  • 50% of employees said they would not return to jobs that don't offer remote work options post-COVID-19 (Owl Labs)
  • Over 80% of workers said web conferencing software has increased their job satisfaction (Velocity Global)
  • Due to video conferencing options, 43% of frequent business travelers said they expect to travel less even after the COVID-19 pandemic (Forbes)
  • Companies that support remote work through conferencing solutions see 25% less employee turnover (Owl Labs)
  • The global market for video conferencing tools is expected to reach $50 billion by 2026 (Frost & Sullivan)
  • By 2025, almost one-quarter (22%) of the US workforce will be working remotely (Upwork)

Clearly, hybrid meetings are now the norm.  

What is a hybrid meeting?

A hybrid meeting involves both a physical space for in-office attendees and a virtual connection for remote attendees.

One of the most vital pieces of the hybrid meeting equation is video conferencing integrations. Accruent's EMS is a comprehensive, cloud-based meeting booking software solution that offers frictionless booking workflows for your office, including several critical video conferencing integrations.  

The Meeting Booking Software Must-Have: Video Conferencing Integrations

The Benefits of Robust Video Conferencing Integrations  

EMS was the first and only meeting booking software to provide native integrations with leading video conferencing technologies Zoom and Microsoft Teams. EMS also integrates with Webex, Cisco, Skype, and a variety of other conferencing tools.  

These integrations provide a variety of benefits, including:  

  • Avoiding booking workflow issues, like double booking meetings or missing the reservation of space amenities
  • Allowing for resource management like A/V or catering
  • Ensuring compliance with safety policies for in-person attendees
  • Greater visibility into space utilization and meeting metrics  

Avoid Booking Workflow Issues

Meeting booking software like EMS create a frictionless booking workflow for both remote and in-person meeting attendees. Whether you're joining a meeting from the office or logging in from across the globe, EMS offers a streamlined process for creating, editing, sending and attending these meetings.  

With a comprehensive meeting booking solution, users can access and input all relevant meeting information at the moment they create the booking. They can add meeting information like time, date, needed resources, A/V requirements, video conferencing links, and invite attendees all from one system. These native video conferencing integrations ensure that your users are not having to take extra steps to accommodate remote workers.  

A frictionless booking workflow avoids common issues like double booking rooms or times, not receiving confirmation emails for bookings and missing tech details or dial-in information.  

The Meeting Booking Software Must-Have: Video Conferencing Integrations

Better Resource Management

Even hybrid meetings need tech support. When hosting a hybrid meeting, you'll at minimum need A/V support in the physical meeting room, to support video conferencing workers and display their screens. Those in the physical office may also need other resources, like catering, whiteboards, other tech like tablets, and the proper equipment setup to connect their devices to the meeting. EMS meeting booking software allows users to input all necessary requirements into a meeting invite before the meeting, to ensure the space is suited for all resource needs. Users can request A/V services, special tech, catering and more all within one scheduling solution.  

Ensure Safety Compliance

As workers return to the office post-pandemic, safety and sanitization are still critical concerns. For those who will be attending hybrid meetings in-person, proper social distancing measures, HVAC controls, and sanitization efforts are high priorities. Within the EMS booking solution, facility managers can customize their spaces to close out seats or spaces to enforce social distancing. Managers can also connect EMS to their IoT technology that monitors HVAC usage, and set up rooms with sensors that trigger HVAC systems only when rooms are being used, or when rooms need to be ventilated for upcoming meetings. EMS users can also submit rooms for sanitization when their meetings are finished, or system administrators can setup workflows for that rooms are automatically scheduled to be sanitized after meetings.  

Gain Visibility into Your Space Utilization  

As we move into a hybrid work model, it will be critical for organizations to measure how their spaces are being used, both physically and digitally. With our EMS meeting booking solution, data is collected about every meeting in every space at your office, to provide extensive data and feedback about when, where and how your spaces are being used. These trends and statistics can help your organization assess future space needs and run dedicated utilization reports for video conferencing activities, allowing for better real estate and meeting decisions.  

EMS Provides Critical Video Conference Integrations in One Meeting Booking Solution

Get your employees the video conferencing integrations they need to be successful in a hybrid remote work environment. Watch a demo of EMS or contact our team today to see how we can help your organization manage the return to work.