The Value of a Hands-On Experience: EMS Live! Day Three

October 19, 2017


EMS Live! 2017 may be over, but the insights and ideas shared during the past few days will have a lasting impact on the future of the workplace and campus. Attendees came together to discuss and learn more about the importance of technology, and left inspired by the possibilities of a truly integrated scheduling platform.

The much-anticipated Product Keynote by Akshay Mahajan was met with excitement as we announced that Google integration will be out before the end of the year, along with a number of other exciting updates coming soon to the EMS platform.

Attendees were also delighted to hear that the new user experience for the EMS Mobile App, which they were able to demo in person in the Play area throughout the conference, would also be available soon in Q2 of 2018.

The warm enthusiasm for these advancements was echoed when we heard from Linda Martellaro, assistant registrar for the University of Notre Dame, as she detailed how the EMS system had become an effective partner in managing so many moving pieces across her active, expanding campus. She championed the opportunities that EMS can provide when connecting so many pieces and inspired us to think about the endless possibilities of what such an integrated system can do.

With more breakout sessions and last-minute trips through the Play, Learn, Meet, and Collaboration areas, attendees had ample opportunity to gain hands-on experience with new technology. The Meet and Learn areas were buzzing with excitement over new ways to use EMS more effectively. Visitors asked questions, shared ideas, and listened to other customer stories, which offered the valuable insight that makes EMS Live! a must-attend event each year.

One attendee shared his appreciation for these valuable moments on Twitter, saying: “One of the best parts of #EMSLive17 is getting quick answers to 'minor' questions (from staff or attendees): they'll change lives back home!”

Attendees also spent the past few days filling the Collaboration wall with sticky notes, sharing what EMS has helped them do in their daily lives. In fact, one user humorously shared that EMS lets him “stop using Post-it notes!”

Closing out the conference, we heard from Sean McBrien, senior vice president at Citigroup, who offered a thoughtful, humorous, and insightful take on how technology has continued to prompt change in the workplace, and even now is driving innovation in the ways and places where we work. He urged us to seek out in-person demos over simply reading about new products, and to connect with our peers to learn more about what technology can offer us.

It’s an exciting time as we witness the evolution of our work and study spaces. We look forward to exploring these changes and sharing more new ideas with you next year in Denver for EMS Live 2018, on Oct 1-3. We hope to see you there!