EMS Live! Predictions, One Year Later. How’d We Do?

September 27, 2017

Last year at EMS Live! 2016, we made our top five predictions for this year’s event. Now that EMS Live! 2017 is just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to look back at those declarations and see just how far off—I mean, just how well we did.

checkbox.png Prediction #1: Product Advancements
You’ll definitely learn more about how EMS is delivering on all stages of the meeting/event lifecycle, and the accessibility and integration improvements we continue to make in UX and QA testing will benefit both expert and everyday users.

What a year this has been! We released multiple updated versions of the EMS Software that targeted some major new features to improve your workflow. Now your experience with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange is even smoother, thanks to our increased investment in Microsoft integrations. The EMS Room Sign App also got a new look as well as improved security and easier customization. And EMS Platform Services is helping improve platform performance while making EMS even easier to integrate.

You’ll have a firsthand opportunity to experience these UX, architecture, and integration improvements in Atlanta, where we’ll also have some exciting, not-yet-published advancements to announce.

checkbox.png Prediction #2: Customer Experience
Our customers will be better connected and more informed than ever before.

Building upon the enthusiasm and success of our annual Workplace of the Future Forum (WOTFF), this year we introduced two additional forums: Campus of the Future Forum (COTFF) and WOTFF Europe. Attendees at all three of these events gathered to discuss strategies and initiatives, and to share in conversations on current projects, lessons learned, best practices, and future aspirations for the modern, digital workplace and campus.

We also held our first regional user group, which was so successful that we’ve decided to roll out additional groups across the country. Add in some other enhancements, such as online documentation advancement and tighter handling of support tickets, and we can confidently say that this prediction was spot on.

checkbox.png Prediction #3: Networking Opportunities
Networking events will be core to the agenda at EMS Live! 2017 so that you can spend even more quality time with your direct peers.

Have we got some networking for you! The Monday afternoon networking meetings are an early highlight of the EMS Live! program, and more than 250 attendees have already signed up. In the first part of the afternoon, sessions are segmented by industry and region so that you can pick up tips from peers and put faces to names. Later, the groups are broken out by industry and role—a great chance for you to speak with others facing similar challenges and opportunities. Each year, attendees tell us they love these sessions because it’s a chance to make new friends and contacts at the very start of the event.

checkbox.png Prediction #4: Expert-Led Sessions
Selecting which sessions to attend will even be more challenging because we’ll continue to raise the bar in terms of practical and focused educational sessions.

Here are a few of the sessions available to you:

  • Merging Multiple EMS Instances to One Across Campus: Yale University.
  • High Performance Workplace. Welcome to the Neighborhood: JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Strategies for Integrating and Maintaining Your Facilities Data.
  • Reviewing and Maintaining Your Academic Synchronization and Configuration.
  • Adding New Constituents to a Pre-existing Instance: Harvard University.
  • Integrating with Occupancy Sensors to Change the User Experience: Verizon.
  • Managing Your Service Operations Workflow Effectively.
  • Moving from Spreadsheets to an Online Academic Schedule Build Process.

And those are just some of the Tuesday morning breakouts!

checkbox.png Prediction #5: Excitement and Fun
We’re planning all-new entertainment options for our attendees that are sure to excite.

There’s something for everyone at EMS Live! 2017. Want to experience the full flavor of the conference venue? Then join us for the Southern Soiree on Tuesday evening, where you can delight in local culinary favorites and classic southern cocktails, play games, and dance to live jazz music featuring the soulful sounds of Lilac Wine.

Or maybe you’re up for some hands-on fun? Hang out in our interactive, innovative Play area, which shows off the latest EMS features and capabilities as well as hardware and software supplied by our partners and sponsors.

Got a hankering for a little adventure? There’s also time in your schedule to explore what Atlanta has to offer, including the Atlanta History Center, the famous Fox Theatre, Martin Luther King Jr. National Park, the Georgia Aquarium, and The World of Coca-Cola.

One Last Prediction

And now for today’s prediction: EMS Live! 2017 won’t be the same without you! We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta. And if you’ve not yet registered, make sure you head on over to the EMS Live 2017! registration page to sign up now