Use a Desk Booking System That Works

With its powerful web interface, mobile desk booking app and suite of helpful features, EMS’ meeting room and desk booking system will help your team book appropriate spaces, simplify attendance, lower costs and maximize efficiency over time. It’s desk booking software for the 21st century.


Top EMS Desk Hoteling Solution Benefits

EMS is a comprehensive scheduling platform that offers a full range of features. These include the ability to:

Self-Serve to Find the Best Spaces Anywhere

With a mobile app, web tool and calendar integrations, your employees or students can easily reserve, update and cancel reservations directly from their point of need.

Find the Person You’re Looking For

With email alerts, accurate floor plans, search filters – and a “find person” functionality – users can easily find the colleague their looking for to streamline collaboration.

Enable Mobile and On-Site Reservations

Use EMS’ suite of tools -- including touchscreens, mobile devices and room signs -- to help employees book a room or workspace.

Work With Your Existing Calendaring Tools

Easily sync EMS with Microsoft Outlook and other existing calendaring tools to add users, send meeting invites, look at room details and more.

Use Analytics to Gain Important Insights

Want to improve your space utilization and make sure that your rooms are used efficiently? Capture usage data for the hours that desks are empty, how often bookings are canceled and even the cost of unoccupied spaces. Share this information with the right people using customizable reports.



EMS’ kiosks, digital signage and mobile capabilities give your visitors, students and employees the flexibility they need to book their desks easily and intuitively.

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Desk Booking System FAQ

What is desk booking software?

A desk booking system is software that allows teachers, students, employees and visitors to find and reserve the right spaces for their needs. The right desktop booking system will replace outdated or manual software, helping to increase space utilization, lower costs, maximize efficiency and improve the employee or visitor experience.

What are the benefits of a collaborative office desk booking system?

- With a collaborative and situation-based desk booking solution, your organization can: - Make space for improved office networking and collaboration. - Maximize space utilization visibility and cut real estate costs. - Increase employee productivity by allowing employees to self-select spaces that best suit their needs. - Increase employee wellbeing and, by extension, their productivity and performance. - Lead to higher employee attraction and retention rates. - Increase business resiliency in the face of unexpected events or workplace disruptions.

Who uses EMS online desk booking system?

EMS’ powerful desk booking system can be used in many industries and contexts, including: - Enterprise - Higher education - Corporate - Events planning And more. Once installed and running, your entire organization can use the desk booking system to book spaces, make reservations and manage their schedule and efficiency. Managers and decision-makers can also use the data gleaned from your meeting room booking system to cut costs and optimize your real estate and space utilization. Visitors and partners can use it to communicate effectively with your organization – the list goes on.

Does your desk booking system integrate with Outlook?

Yes. EMS integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and other key calendar and video conferencing tools to allow for a friction-free booking experience across tools and devices. More specifically, EMS works with Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) to provide a powerful Microsoft desk booking system from which users can work. EMS also offers an EMS for Microsoft Outlook add-in.

What features should I prioritize when considering a desk booking system?

The desk booking software that you implement must be robust, well-adopted and easy to use for it to be effective for your business. When evaluating vendors and options, consider factors like: - Ease-of-use: If your users can’t easily book spaces, update reservations or work with their existing apps, they will become frustrated with your tool. Make sure that you find a tool that works well for your particular use case. - Reporting and Analytics: The right tool will provide the reporting and analytics needed to track, understand and optimize your operations. Use this information to improve your space utilization, lower operating costs and reduce wasted resources. - User adoption: No software will be worth the money if it’s ignored or underutilized. Make sure that the software you choose is one that your employees like and that fits in with your existing technological stack.

What’s the purpose of APIs for desk hoteling software?

APIs can help ensure that all your important tools and software can be integrated with your desk hoteling software. With EMS Platform Services, you can create: - Your own hardware integrations with digital signage, sensors, voice-controlled personal assistants, and more. - Custom systems integrations such as lecture capture, HVAC controls, wayfinding software, payment portals, and more. - Integrations with custom access points such as kiosks or simple mobile apps developed in-house by your organization. - Marketable integration solutions for EMS customers.