Simple, powerful space management for professional schedulers

EMS minimizes your administrative effort by reducing the steps needed to manage a meeting. Expert users can efficiently create and approve reservations and services, generate and distribute reports, and take advantage of the full capabilities of the dynamic EMS scheduling platform.



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EMS Event Management Software Features

Whether you are approving room requests, booking large-scale events or communicating with service providers, EMS simplifies the process at each step along the way, providing complete planning control in a single source of record. With EMS, expert users can:

Quickly add new meetings to the calendar

Quickly add new meetings to the calendar

View the entire calendar or filter by status or code, and create and approve reservations using wizards and drag-and-drop functionality.

Create customized scheduling processes

Create customized scheduling processes

Design and publish online request forms and require approval or additional information for specific requests via user defined fields.

Effortlessly add event updates

Effortlessly add updates to existing events

Make changes to the timing, status and amount of services and resources without having to cancel and redo an entire reservation.

Communicate via digital signage

Communicate via digital signage

Integrate with a variety of signs and kiosks to promote events, publish calendars and offer up-to-date event details.

Save time for planning future events

Save time for planning future events

Clone recurring meetings and capture details such as catering preferences and video conferencing.

Link all documentation to reservations

Link all documentation to reservations

Attach all relevant services and documentation to a booking and add comments where needed for easy reference.

Stay Up to Date with Intuitive Tracking

Stay Up to Date with Intuitive Tracking

Get conference and event management updates – like space usage, cancellations or service changes – instantly.

Track and manage visitors

Track and manage visitors through EMS

Help visitors feel welcome through customized badges, emailed updates and informative digital signage.

Utilize sophisticated event reporting

Utilize sophisticated event reporting

Reference more than 100 built-in reports covering sales, billing, resources, attendees and production.

Provide security where necessary

Provide security where necessary

Display or hide event information based on room, status, or event type, and add security personnel to automated event notifications. Using EMS Cloud Services, you can also benefit from frequent back-ups, data encryption and ongoing monitoring of any potential risks or threats to your sensitive information. Check out the PDF.

Work On-the-Go with EMS Mobile App

Work On-the-Go with EMS Mobile App

EMS offers a mobile event app for iOS and Android users that gives users the ability to manage events and make changes on tablet, smartphones and desktop computers.

Integrate with Your Existing Hardware

Integrate with Your Existing Hardware

EMS event management system can integrate with popular digital hardware, including digital signs, tablets, touchscreen kiosks, desk signs, occupancy sensors and video conferencing technology.

Maximize Your Flexibility -  Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Event Options

Maximize Your Flexibility -  Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Event Options

The comprehensive EMS integrations and hardware capabilities allow you to streamline events and meetings in virtual, hybrid and in-person contexts.

Enjoy A Full Suite of Integrations

Enjoy A Full Suite of Integrations

EMS event management platform integrates with a full range of communication and scheduling tools, including Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, G Suite, Skype for Business, Google Calendar and student information systems (SIS).

Make the Most of Account Customization

Make the Most of Account Customization

You can create customized reports and automated alerts to ensure that the right information is gathered by the right people at the right time.

EMS Event Management Software and Conferencing Benefits

EMS is designed for the complexity of adding and managing resources and services within a reservation. Say goodbye to the days of costly, unwanted deliveries, delays or disruptions caused by ordering mistakes or last-minute changes. With EMS, expert users can: 

Define all the Services

You Offer Configure specific details, options and billing requirements for each service.

Group Orders for Easy References

Create multiple service orders within each meeting or event booking.

Deliver Accurate Service and Resource Orders

Ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy with service order and change reports.

Confirm all Service Requests with Hosts

Notify reservation requestors via email to confirm order details or changes.

Share the Event Setup Details for Any Given Day

Give your operations crew the info they need via daily setup worksheets and event reports.

Auto-Send Service Order Updates

Ensure service order accuracy when clients and hosts request changes.

Eliminate Missed Communications

Poor communication is the leading cause of meeting and event failure. EMS streamlines your workflows and ensures you have up-to-date communications with your service providers. 

EMS helps planners avoid meeting disasters by enabling and delivering automated notifications – available on multiple devices and platforms – so that no detail is overlooked. The platform allows you to:

  • Coordinate and automate communications:
    Alleviate the need for one-off emails and manual processes with change alerts and email notifications.
  • Send alerts to specific individuals:
    Designate individuals to be automatically emailed of any changes or cancellations
  • Use daily reports to align pre-meeting tasks:
    Built for planners, EMS daily reports are automatically emailed prior to a meeting or event

Follow-Up Events with a Professional Touch

EMS consolidates and handles all your internal and external invoicing needs, allowing you to: 

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Simplify Event Management to Create Standout Events at Scale

There are lot of moving parts to event management: you must register attendees, process payments, ensure data security, find a venue – the list goes on. EMS can simplify the event management process, allowing users to:

  • Simplify room and meeting scheduling
  • Coordinate resources, services and catering
  • Automate pricing and invoicing
  • Ensure data security and privacy
  • Automate service order updates

Optimize Your Schedules

EMS Campus ™ offers the functionality and integrations you need to schedule all activities, classes and events in higher education and related industries. This includes capabilities like:

  • Scheduling classes by classroom attributes like room size, equipment and location
  • Preconfigured reports that are generated based on specific academic data
  • Final exam scheduling
  • Integration with broader event management tools for a comprehensive view of campus spaces
  • Bidirectional integration to student information systems (SIS)


Generate Customized Reports to Maximize Your Success

Understanding your successes and identifying areas of improvement can help you continuously optimize your events and schedules. EMS software facilitates this by offering a variety of reporting capabilities, including over 100 standard reports and customizable reports. These allow you to:

  • Get a real-time understanding of your event-related data
  • Share, export or chart critical information
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Reduce waste and maximize utilization
  • Integrate your insights with other relevant software

Save Time and Money

EMS can minimize costly errors by streamlining communication and avoiding mistakes. This is done using:

  • Daily reports that focus meetings and make sure all relevant personnel are fully updated on tasks and progress
  • Advanced communication tools – including change alerts, automations and email notifications –that automate previously manual processes and ensure that no change goes unnoticed
  • Customized alerts that can be automatically sent to designated individuals

Maximize Attendee Engagement

Create events, meetings and work environments that exceed the needs and expectations of attendees by:

  • Scheduling appropriate spaces based on capacity and available tools
  • Using digital hardware to improve the attendee experience
  • Simplifying interactions through an easy-to-use interface and responsive mobile application

Streamline Time-Consuming Manual Processes

Meeting scheduling and event planning  can take time and ultimately cost efficiency. EMS event management software allows you to automate and streamline tasks so you can eliminate inefficiencies, optimize communication and increase your revenue and event performance.



  • EMS Software is truly phenomenal. EMS helps our team schedule very efficiently because their software is so easy to use. It has saved us countless hours since we installed it, and our staff is extremely pleased with the way it functions.

    - Fortune 100 Financial Organization

  • EMS is flexible enough to support standardized processes and data management across the system, while also handling some specific, unique needs for individual campuses.

    - JAMA YUSUF, OIT Development Manager, CSCU

  • EMS allows us to efficiently manage room reservations and resources using a distributed model across our campuses and schools. The ability for faculty, staff, and students to make room reservations and have clear visibility into their schedule has positively impacted our overall operational efficiency of managing space across the university.

    - KYLER KEEL, Tufts University

  • We started the implementation process by doing exploratory visits to each college, and did a needs analysis to understand how they conduct their day-to-day facilities management. We came up with a report out of each college. We looked for the commonalities across colleges, and adjusted the implementation to best fit them all.

    - JAMA YUSUF, OIT Development Manager, CSCU

Event Management Software Integrations

EMS event management software can integrate into your company networks and into many web-based tools and applications. Integrations include:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • G-Suite
  • Google Calendar
  • HR systems
  • Sensors
  • Video conferencing
  • Facility Management
  • HVAC
  • Customer-Specific Applications

Explore Your Event Management Software Options

  • Attendee Management
  • Invitation Management
  • Meeting Room Booking
  • Scheduling
  • Facility Management
  • Attendee Tracking
  • Calendar Management
  • Event Registration
  • Online Registration
  • Self Check-In

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