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Workplace Technologies for Safety and Social Distancing

A showcase of digital solutions and how they are adapting to the changing demands of the new normal

How is your organization meeting the increased demand for workforce safety? Explore how EMS connects workplace technology for social distancing benefits.

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When 'business as usual' began to turn on its head earlier this year, we at EMS were proud to hear from numerous clients how EMS was able to help them quickly respond to organization-wide policy changes and have the data they needed, on-demand, to provide visibility into the impact of the shift and inform a quick response to ensure workforce safety.

Now, as companies and campuses are at various stages of planning for their return, we're noticing an even greater demand for data to inform plans, but with one key difference: the data that will paint the clearest picture for end-user safety through social distancing and workforce management is going to have to come from numerous sources.

To explore how this is changing now and in the future, we are pulling together leaders from the EMS Technology Partner Network to discuss how their technologies and approaches are adapting to meet the heightened demand for workforce safety and social distancing. These technologies can be brought together through the EMS platform to take the "core" details of every interaction - date, time and location - and layer additional, newly critical data, controls and workflows to form a more complete picture for your organization.

This 60-minute webinar covers:

  • The new and changing demands on work facilities and the demand for data
  • Discussions on the role of digital signage, desk signs, people counting sensors and employee and visitor management
  • Workplace technologies to inform social distancing and a safe return to work
  • EMS as a platform for connecting digital workplace technologies
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