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Creating Peace of Mind on Campus with Self-Service Study Spaces

Office hoteling is for more than just offices. Explore how to create, manage, and implement safe, self-service student spaces at your university campus.

Where should a student go when they have an hour between classes? What if they need a place to prepare before a final exam?

While every student will have their personal tolerance for risk, the reality is that having dedicated, sanitized spaces readily accessible gives peace of mind to those that need it while reducing risk for the entire campus.

To address these challenges, several innovative universities have turned to creating socially distant spaces to give students a place to land. To make this work, however, they need to closely track usage of the spaces to understand who has used them, when they were used and whether they require custodial attention.

Watch this webinar as we discuss how Accruent’s room and resource scheduling solution provides the flexibility for universities to create, track and manage hundreds of self-service study spaces that students can reserve on the spot or in advance from their mobile phone.

This webinar covers:

  • What “office hoteling” is and how it is being adapted to campus use cases
  • What it looks like to create and manage self-service student spaces
  • How EMS offers on-demand reporting for visibility into space usage
  • A demonstration of the student experience for safely finding a place to work
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