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Best Practices for Implementing Social Distancing in the Office

How can you enforce new and ever-changing workplace policies in these uncertain times? Explore best practices for social distancing in today's workplace.

The modern office was not built to keep people apart, so how do we use technology to adapt and when fundamental design changes are required?

This 60 minute webinar discuss some best practices for using the EMS room and resource scheduling platform to adapt to the demands of the new normal. This includes communicating changes to your workforce, minimizing physical contact with shared surfaces, increasing visibility into usage of space and overall reducing in density of people.

There is cost associated with making sweeping changes, both short-term and long-term, and leveraging technology to implement what changes you can is one way to keep costs down while still meeting the needs of your workforce. Furthermore, long-term impacts of these changes that may call for shifts in real estate investment strategy will need to be informed by the data that can only be accessed if there is a management system in place.

As real estate investment strategies are shifting, this session will explore leveraging EMS to enforce new and changing workplace policies with focus on reducing costs.

This webinar covers:

  • Methods for regularly communicating information
  • Steps to make check-in for meetings touchless
  • Decrease employee density in office
  • racking external visitors
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