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Connect Your Meetings to Rooms and Resources through Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft® Exchange is a primary communications hub for large organizations. EMS Software works with Microsoft Exchange in two ways: to provide user email and calendar information in EMS, and to connect EMS meetings to Exchange resource mailboxes. This second function is delivered through Exchange Room Integration (ERI), a simplified, cohesive and powerful way for everyday EMS users to book and manage the resources they need to conduct their work.

ERI elevates your resource scheduling to the next level. As an add-on component for the EMS Platform, ERI provides the ability to configure EMS rooms and resources to invite Microsoft Exchange resource mailboxes, simplifying integrations with 3rd-party technology like video conference (VC) systems. Bookings made by everyday users in EMS via the Web, mobile devices or Microsoft Outlook will automatically handle the addition of the technologies, without the need for a separate process.

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