In the current post-lockdown environment, uncertainty over the future state of university campuses remains significant. As a whole, the higher education industry continues to look for clarity and best practices that will help them safely reopen campus spaces. As part of the return to campus, we are breaking down what the key elements to a safe return are, as well as what that should look like on your campus.

In this eBook, you will gain insights regarding:

  1. Overarching elements to be aware of when implementing campus-wide changes to ensure a safe return
  2. Data driven visibility to help manage your space
  3. Coordinated strategy for managing your physical campus environment

Download this eBook to gain clarity and guidance into best practices, insights and technology that will facilitate your safe return to campus.

Key Themes:

  • The Broader Context
  • Keys to a Safe Return to Campus
  • How a Safe Return Can Look Across Campus Spaces
  • Key Concerns to Keep in Mind
  • Technology That Can Help