Coordinate and automate communications

Good communication helps planners avoid most meeting disasters. EMS sends meeting planners automated notifications – available on multiple devices and platforms – so that no detail is overlooked (or lost in a sea of emails!)

Provide the right information, every time

EMS ensures that all lines of communication stay open:

  • Manage all your reservation services prior to final confirmation and email approval.
  • Link all documentation to reservations.
  • Set up safety-net email processes for reservation requestors, service providers, and others.
  • Confirm details or changes with reservation requestors via email.
  • Add comments where needed for easy reference.

Eliminate missed communications

Daily automated EMS reports are emailed prior to a meeting or event. These purpose-built reports allow planners to:

  • Communicate with the operations team about daily setup status.
  • Ensure up-to-the-minute service order accuracy.
  • Alleviate the need for one-off emails and manual processes.
  • Share all the events happening on any given day.

Use services only as needed

With EMS, you have on-demand access to all meeting or event activities, and dozens of reports to help track facility usage, event cancellations, and service order changes.

Ongoing use analysis of services and resources can drive new business rules and planning strategies that help eliminate unnecessary inventory and provide the best possible service to your end users.

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