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Whether you’re a CIO, facilities planner, or conference center manager, EMS reporting provides the insights you need to increase productivity and reduce costs. With more than 110 built-in reports and a custom query builder, you can focus on the EMS data important to you.


Rely on superior reporting from EMS

With EMS, you have all the tools you need to inform, report, bill, and analyze. For example, with EMS, you can:

  • Track the hourly usage of resources over time.
  • Lower your operating costs by analyzing room and service utilization rates.
  • Reduce your real estate costs by identifying and eliminating wasted space.
  • Identify ideal inventory levels so you can stay on top of maintenance needs.
  • Export data for use in other analytical or business intelligence solutions.

Report on every aspect of your spaces, services, and resources

Reporting in EMS is divided into categories of like reports. For any EMS report, you can specify the parameters, options, and format for the report, or you can generate the report according to saved settings. You can view the content and accuracy of any report in the Print Preview mode. Report categories and items include:


Schedules, calendars, service orders, event orders, visitors


Employee, category, booking, resource


Room stats, room utilization, event type, room availability, seat occupancy


Statements, ageing, transactions, invoices


Visitor, no show, check in, room occupancy

And more
And more

Automated report delivery, booking conflicts, inactive rooms, cancellations

With EMS, you may also create custom reports through the Query wizard. This wizard creates queries for retrieving information from the EMS database based on fields, filters, and other parameters. Simply name, save, and re-run queries as well as copy and edit existing queries as needed.

Use automated reports to align pre-meeting tasks

Built for planners, EMS daily reports are emailed prior to a meeting or event. These automated reports allow planners to:

  • Communicate with the operations crew about daily setup worksheets.
  • Ensure up-to-the-minute service order accuracy, by providing change reports and other pertinent updates.
  • Alleviate the need for one-off emails and manual processes.
  • Share all the events happening on any given day.

Follow up meetings and events with full-service billing

EMS supports your billing processes, allowing you to quickly:

  • Generate invoices and track deposits, payments, and adjustments.
  • Allocate charges for bookings across multiple cost centers.
  • Post billing transaction reports directly into your accounting system.
  • Retrieve invoices and payments using the transactions browser.

Capture workspace and resource utilization

Unused or misused space and resources are expensive. EMS has powerful reporting capabilities to give you visibility into how, when, and by whom, your spaces and resources are being used. With EMS, you can:

  • Capture utilization data for your unmanaged spaces with the check-in feature.
  • Determine how many hours a desk is empty and calculate the cost of an unoccupied desk.
  • Gather seat occupancy rates to help inform office hoteling strategies and desk-to-employee ratios.
  • Reduce your real estate footprint or reallocate your resource usage based on statistical reports.
  • Identify which spaces are being used by certain groups or departments.

Export your data as needed

EMS allows you to freely export and distribute your reservation, service, billing, resource, and other data in a convenient format. With the EMS export functions, you can:

  • Select from a variety of useful formats, such as PDF, native Excel, XML / raw data, and comma-delimited text.
  • Send reports to facilities management, service providers and other departments for analysis with other business intelligence tools.
  • Automate the export and delivery of data on regular intervals.

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