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The Modern Workplace: Open and Flexible

The modern workplace requires flexibility and options as companies figure out how to reduce their real estate overhead, enable work-life balance, respond to COVID and make the most out of their physical environment.

In many ways, this has called for a reimagining of the “traditional” office space in favor of more collaborative workplaces that feature a mix of environments, including an open environment, cubicles, designated areas for presentations, conference rooms, meeting rooms and more.

These changes, of course, come with important shifts in how employees book spaces and an increase in practices like desk hoteling, hot desking, desk sharing and free address. That’s where EMS can help.


EMS Can Help Simplify Desk Hoteling and Workspace Reservations

EMS makes it faster and easier to book space as needed, supporting the flexible, activity-based workplace. Your team members can make any space available in EMS, whether it’s a cubicle, shared table, standing desk, parking space or closed-in office. You can also enable EMS to accept and route requests for managed workspaces with services and resources.


Desk Hoteling: The Basics


What is Desk Hoteling?

Office hoteling and desk hoteling is an agile workplace practice that allows employees to find and book the workspace that is best suited to their needs during a particular date block of time. Hoteling and hot desking practices are often used concurrently with more permanent seating options for businesses that have dynamic employee needs.

Overall, desk hoteling is shown to increase productivity, maximize engagement and cut real estate costs from underutilized space.


What is Desk Hoteling Software?

Desk hoteling software is a tool that can streamline the desk hoteling and office hoteling processes, providing a centralized tool from which employees and administrators can:

  • Set roles and permissions
  • Book spaces in advance
  • See all available spaces
  • Gain access to real-time data and analytics
  • Integrate with other relevant systems and tools
  • Facilitate contact tracing and a safe return to work


Benefits of EMS Desk Hoteling Software: Full Office Hoteling Support from Start to Finish

Simplify Self-Service Through Easy-Access Devices

Everyday users can reserve spaces quickly and conveniently from a variety of access points. Help your employees book or check-in at centrally located kiosks, reserve spaces in advance through online request forms, or use programs like Outlook to book a space and add it to their personal calendars.

Learn more about Points of Access

Increase Teamwork and Collaboration

Floor managers and EMS administrators can help foster innovation and a collaborative environment by seating business units or project teams together in designated areas or neighborhoods.

Using EMS, employees can be ideally situated for productivity and proximity to the resources they need, whether they're working from their primary office or visiting a remote company location.

Facilitate Activity-Based Working

Activity-based work provides employees with the flexibility and capability to find the most appropriate space to complete a particular task. Using an activity-based model, employees can choose from meeting rooms, lounge areas, pods, break out spaces, conference rooms and more.

This flexibility can enhance productivity, increase collaboration, improve employee relationship and maximize employee efficiency.

Use Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive, integrated data and analytics is necessary to optimize company culture, meet KPIs and increase revenue. The right hoteling software will give you key insight into many of these important metrics, letting you track things like:

  • Where employees sit
  • How departments are working together
  • How much time is spent in each office space
  • Which spaces are getting utilized
  • Which spaces need sanitization

This information can inform important decisions about your real estate, space utilization, employee training, departmental structure and more.

Contact Tracing and Space Utilization

Now, more than ever, it’s important for organizations to be able to see which employees are sitting where, which spaces are being used, what needs sanitation and more. This information allows for contact tracing, effective social distancing and optimized space utilization.


Top EMS Desk Hoteling Software Features

EMS is a comprehensive scheduling platform that offers a full range of features. These include the ability to:

Speed up the check-in process

Speed up the Employee Check-In Process

With email alerts, floor maps, RFID integration, search filters and favorites, users can select or check in to a workspace in seconds.

Support neighborhoods and working groups

Support Neighborhoods and Working Groups

Provide accurate, online floor plans, so employees can locate and reserve spaces near colleagues and resources.

Help visitors feel more welcome

Help Visitors Feel More Welcome

Provide office visitors with event listings, maps and wayfinding tools – everything required to get oriented and be productive.

Enable mobile and on-site reservations

Enable Mobile and On-Site Reservations

Harness touchscreens, mobile devices and digital signage to help employees book a room or workspace.

24/7 scheduling for everyday users

24/7 Scheduling for Everyday Users

Deliver round-the-clock access for employees to reserve, update or cancel workspaces, all according to your established business rules.

Enforce hoteling workflows

Enforce Your Hoteling Workflows

Embedded rules control access to meeting rooms and workspaces as well as the frequency and duration of bookings.

Support reverse hoteling

Support Reverse Hoteling Initiatives

Automatically free up permanent workspaces when vacant, creating even more opportunity to optimize your cost per square footage.

Provide automatic billing and invoicing

Provide Automatic Billing and Invoicing

Track use by group or individual for internal billing and budget allocation, automatically sent on whatever cycle you choose.

Apply room and desk usage metrics

Apply Room and Desk Usage Metrics

Capture usage data for the hours desks are empty, how often bookings are canceled and even the cost of unoccupied spaces.

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