Deliver on-the-go scheduling

EMS enables space booking via the most commonly used mobile phone and tablet devices. Whether on the road or in the office, today’s increasingly mobile workforce can rely on EMS to book the spaces they need.

Access EMS from your mobile device

The EMS Mobile App, available for iOS and Android smartphones, is designed primarily for everyday users who are on the go. The app allows users to make simple reservations in unmanaged spaces such as workspaces and open conference rooms.

With the Mobile App, everyday users can:

  • Reserve a workspace from anywhere, at anytime
  • Book a meeting and invite attendees
  • Update details of an existing booking
  • Verify the exact meeting location and time
  • Check-in to or cancel an upcoming meeting
  • Add or join a Skype for Business meeting with one click

EMS Mobile App Solution Brief

Access EMS through the Web

The EMS Web App connects EMS to any browser-enabled device with an Internet connection. Using the Web App, mobile users can find and book an available workspace and schedule meetings, events, services and more.

Through a secure, streamlined interface, authorized users can:

  • Search by location, event and people
  • Create, change or cancel reservations
  • Submit requests for space-related resources (catering, equipment, etc.).

Personalization filters, designated favorites and a single-page view of all current or past bookings make the Web App a completely customized scheduling experience.

The EMS Web App also integrates either the Microsoft® Exchange or G Suite calendaring systems to provide busy/free information and facilitate planning for other attendees.

EMS Web App Solution Brief

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