EMS: Integrations for Seamless Experiences

Get connected. Integrate hardware and software systems with our powerful desk, meeting room and resource scheduling platform ― and gain smooth, efficient employee and student experiences.

Integrations for Seamless Experiences




Connect and Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere

Encourage problem solving, spur innovation, and increase productivity. Our fully integrated video conference scheduling brings people together at your workplace or campus.

  • Plan hybrid meetings as easily as you would any other event
  • Create a booking and add a video conference link with a single click
  • Support complex requests and improve communication among IT and AV
  • Access and input all relevant information in one system
  • Combine powerful scheduling with leading VC providers like Zoom, Teams, and Webex by Cisco
  • Manage resources, A/V requirements, video conferencing, and more

Inform and Impress with Modern Signs

Effortlessly deliver scheduling information in a welcoming and visually impressive way.

  • Found an open room? Securely book it right then and there via touchscreen
  • Reserve rooms, check in visitors, and extend a booking quickly and easily
  • Handle basic tasks through kiosks so reception staff can focus on high touch interactions
  • Reserve any space ― cubicle, shared table, study space, library carrel, or comfy couch
  • Help visitors feel at home with signs confirming they’re in the right place
  • Improve space efficiency with up-to-the-minute space utilization data

Connect People to the Right Spaces and Resources with EMS

Integrate both hardware and software systems through our connectors, partner solutions and the EMS Platform Services API.

Microsoft Exchange / Outlook

Book available rooms and any services and resources — all within the familiar Microsoft Outlook application.

Microsoft Teams

Create a meeting, schedule resources and add Microsoft Teams conferencing, from one convenient interface.


Enhance the hybrid employee or student experience with integrated Zoom video conferencing.

Webex by Cisco

Easily schedule meetings and webinars with video conferencing and screen share capabilities.

User Account Management Systems

Seamlessly sync to your user account management or Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

Facilities management systems

Synchronize space inventory between your facility management systems and EMS.


Create and update work orders in FAMIS 360 with EMS integration.

Building automated control system / HVAC

Automate heating and cooling based on room usage, reducing the costs from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

Third-party digital signage

Sync meeting and event information from EMS to your digital display hardware.

Tablets in enclosures

Deploy on-the-spot displays and room check-in via tablets.


Get a cohesive and powerful way to book and manage video conferences. 

Education-Specific Integrations

Colleges, universities, and other educational institutions have unique scheduling needs. EMS offers education-specific integrations for the smooth management of academic classes, exams, and events.

Student Information Systems

Pull course data from popular student information systems (SIS) for improved room and class scheduling. Bi-directional integration allows rooms assigned in EMS to be written back to the SIS.

Course Scheduling

Streamline how you determine class offerings with Leepfrog’s CourseLeaf Section Scheduler. The CourseLeaf CLSS integration means scheduling, editing, validating, approving, and updating courses is as easy as A-B-C.

EMS Partners

EMS works with trusted hardware and software partners so you can do even more with the EMS platform.

Custom Integrations

Create your own integrations quickly and easily.

Integrations for customers and partners

Fast integrations, a consistent experience, and improved performance.

  • Your own hardware integrations with digital signage, sensors, voice-controlled personal assistants, and more
  • Custom systems integrations such as lecture capture, HVAC controls, wayfinding software, and payment portals
  • Integrations with custom access points like kiosks or simple mobile apps developed in-house


Customer-specific applications

Your own custom data integrations to apps for the web, mobile devices, and digital signage.

  • Custom video conference portals
  • Custom web apps
  • Custom mobile apps
  • Visitor management systems


Partner-developed integrations

If you can think it, our partners can create it.

  • Event display applications such as flight board-type apps
  • Service provider applications
  • Credit Card Payment Portal integration
  • Digital signage software integration
  • HVAC software integration