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EMS meeting room scheduling software makes it easy for employees and visitors to find the ideal place to meet or work, whether it’s a conference room, board room, huddle room or studio. Room and resource booking software can also help your organization cut costs, streamline booking and create a flexible, activity-based workplace or campus.

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EMS: Room Scheduling Software Made Easy

Room and resource booking can be confusing or hard to get right – but it doesn’t have to be with EMS. Using EMS room scheduling software, users can easily reserve or request spaces and services in the way they prefer, whether that’s using a mobile device, a calendar tool such as Microsoft® Outlook, or an on-location touchscreen kiosk or digital sign. This can help users:

  • Connect with your favorite apps and tools
  • Easily schedule in an in-office and at-home hybrid work environment
  • Optimize space utilization
  • Get your real estate costs under control
  • Schedule on-the-go with mobile devices
  • Avoid overcrowding and facilitate social distancing
  • Gain access to real-time employee data

These features can ultimately increase your ROI and help drive better business decisions.


How Room Reservation Software Works

With EMS’ room reservation software, finding and claiming a meeting space is an easy, three-step process:

  1. Book the space. Find the ideal space to meet, with all the resources (video conferencing, catering, etc.) you need for a successful meeting. EMS integrations with Microsoft and Google calendars make inviting the right people a breeze.
  2. Check in to the room. Claim your space via mobile app, digital room sign or modern web app – whatever is most convenient.
  3. Check out of the room. The space automatically frees up when your meeting is over. And if your gathering ends early or is canceled, you can easily release the space so it’s available to others.


Standout Features of Room Scheduling Software

From start to finish, EMS offers a flexible and secure reservation and meeting room booking process. With EMS room booking calendar software features, you can:


Access the latest calendar information

Access Real-Time Calendar Information

Browse and view a list of the current reservations to see what spaces are open or where your next meeting is taking place. If you have any changes, you can also make those changes or cancel your meetings, rooms and services as necessary.

Quickly find rooms for any kind of activity

Quickly Find Rooms for Any Kind of Activity

Manage bookings across rooms and building and filter available rooms by location, capacity or available resources and services, and enable friction-less bookings.

Work Anywhere with Cloud and Mobile Solutions

Work Anywhere with Cloud and Mobile Solutions 

Using Direct Spaces, EMS’ mobile app, you can schedule, manage and update your reservations on-the-go. This not only streamlines space scheduling but also facilitates a frictionless campus experience. Learn about EMS mobile room booking software.

Send email alerts to hosts and attendees

Send Email Alerts to Hosts and Attendees

Deliver automated confirmations, room and AV instructions, change notifications and check-in requests to individuals or groups.

Enable self-service video conferencing

Enable Self-Service Video Conferencing

Eliminate the complexity of scheduling through one-click workflows and integrations with popular VC technologies. Learn more about EMS video conferencing capabilities.

Enforce permissions-based access

Enforce Permissions-Based Access

Set up reservation forms with custom rules and processes based on seniority or role.

Generate and send invoices to anyone

Generate and Send Invoices to Anyone

You can create resources, services and catering menus and associate costs with each item directly on desktop or in the room booking app. At the conclusion of your engagement, you can also automatically bill departments and individuals for their use of spaces, services and resources and track the invoice status over time.

Report on room usage and service metrics

Report on Room Usage and Service Metrics

Assess room usage trends – such as who uses a space, for what reason, and for how long – and monitor service cost and use.

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Integrate with other building systems

Integrate with Other Building Systems

Import your facility information and integrate with maintenance, catering or with HVAC systems to automate heating and cooling and save energy.

Gain Insight with Advanced Analytics

Integrate with Other Building Systems

Streamline complex space requests, organize all relevant parties, improve space utilization and keep your security in check using advanced analytics and reporting tools. Learn more about EMS meeting room space utilization analytics.

Measurable Benefits of Implementing EMS Room Scheduling Software

Allow for Effective Social Distancing

Using EMS meeting room booking system, you can block off bookable spaces and use digital signage and mobile booking options to facilitate visitor management and set room capacities. This can not only avoid overcrowding but also facilitate social distancing efforts. At the end of the month, use this information in reports to help you understand your utilization, how spaces are being used, and if additional sanitation is necessary.


Improve Space Utilization and Real Estate Costs

Getting your space utilization under control is important if you want to manage your real estate costs and make the most out of your organization’s square footage. Using EMS room scheduling software, you can gain real-time insight into your utilization metrics. This can help inform budgets, streamline scheduling and increase real estate ROI.

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Schedule Meetings Wherever You Are

Using EMS Mobile App and EMS Kiosk App, you can schedule meetings, cancel meetings and view important details wherever you are – including on your mobile device, tablet, desk signage or kiosk.

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Connect to Your Existing Tools and Apps

Integrate with your Microsoft Outlook calendar, Microsoft Exchange Google Calendar, Zoom, Skype for Business and your other favorite apps and tools.

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Facilitate Friction-Free Communication

Scheduling meetings across devices, tools and departments? EMS room booking software can facilitate communication no matter where you are thanks to its video conferencing integrations – it integrates with Skype for Business, Microsoft Outlook, Cisco TMS and Polycom – centralized calendar, and device-agnostic interface.

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Get All the Relevant Meeting Room Info

There are a lot of details you need to know to book the right space, including the size of the meeting room, the number of seats available and the available technology. Using EMS, you can access this information across devices so you’ll always find the meeting room information you need.


Easily Manage Your Meeting Room and Shared Spaces

Advanced features – like integrated kiosks, desk signage, interactive floor plans, global scalability and advanced analytics – make it easier to mobilize your workforce and improve your organization’s productivity, innovation and efficiency.

Room Scheduling Systems: Problems Solved

What types of problems can room scheduling systems solve? Depending on your organization, room scheduling software addresses these and other issues:

  • Extensive meeting management overhead and overtime
  • Manual, cumbersome reservation processes
  • Lack of statistical reports tracking room utilization
  • Poor communications among departments regarding meetings and events
  • Missing resources and under-utilized meeting spaces
  • Limited communication between an organization and outside entities such as catering





Industries and Use Cases

University Spaces Scheduling

In higher education, room and space scheduling software can be used to measure utilization, reduce double bookings and enforce social distancing guidelines in a variety of spaces, including collaborative huddle spaces, bookable conference rooms, mixed-use workspaces, event halls, rentable rooms, classrooms, study desks, meeting rooms and elective spaces.


Corporate Space Scheduling

In the corporate environment, you need to effectively manage spaces in a post-COVID-19 environment, which calls for increased safety measures, space utilization tracking, employee tools to facilitate social distancing and more. With EMS, you can develop a sustainable strategy that can provide the visibility, collaboration and control your team needs to thrive.


Co-Working Space Scheduling

The co-working office space is extremely popular, but difficult to manage and decidedly risky in a post-pandemic era. The right room scheduling software and space management tool will help monitor capacity, ensure social distancing, provide automations and more.


Meeting Room Booking System

Streamlined meeting room booking is essential to any organization working in-office or in a hybrid environment as many events – including presentations, evaluations, board meetings, department meetings and analytics meetings – require pre-booked meeting rooms. EMS meeting room manager software simplifies this process, avoiding conflict, double-booking, interruptions and scheduling difficulties. Ultimately, this can reduce friction and maximize the workflow process.


Conference Room Scheduling Software

EMS users can easily navigate bookings and availability in conference rooms, identifying free rooms, understanding the assets and tools available in those rooms and communicating with relevant team members about meeting times and updates.


Facility Scheduling

You can also use EMS to more broadly manage your facility spaces. Specifically, EMS administrators can easily track reservations and bookings, check room utilization and the duration of usage, monitor which team members are booking at a specific location and more.


Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an essential component of the modern workplace. EMS can integrate with all of your video conferencing tools, including Skype for Business, Polycom, Cisco TMS, Zoom and Microsoft Exchange.


Satisfied Customers Worldwide

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Bucknell University Uses EMS Room Scheduling System
Deloitte Uses EMS Room Booking Scheduling Software
JMU - James Madison University Uses EMS Room Scheduling Software
Notre Dame Uses EMS Meeting Room Scheduling Software
L3 Harris Uses EMS Room Booking Software

Room Booking Software Case Studies

Room booking software delivers proven results. See how EMS’ room booking systems helped these customers significantly lower meeting management overhead and overtime, improve meeting and resource visibility, and reduce meeting scheduling time by 50%.


EMS Room Scheduling Integrations

EMS room and space booking software can integrate into your company networks and into many web-based tools and applications. Integrations include:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • G-Suite
  • Google Calendar
  • HR systems
  • Sensors
  • Video conferencing
  • Facility Management
  • HVAC
  • Customer-Specific Applications



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