Save up to 50% of your time finding and scheduling meeting rooms

An estimated 40% of employees spend up to 30 minutes per day looking for a meeting room — a drain on productivity. EMS allows you to easily find and book a room that meets your needs, whether it’s planned in advance or reserved on the fly. With EMS, double-bookings and unused yet booked meeting rooms are history.

Save XX time finding and scheduling meeting rooms

Erickson Living Saves Time

“EMS has streamlined room scheduling. We no longer have double-bookings or time overlaps, saving countless hours for our staff and residents.”


Spend more time focused on the meeting

Spend more time focused on the meeting

Meeting agendas are compromised and focus is diverted when resources such as AV or catering aren't ready, or if attendees are lost. EMS helps you ensure all meeting resources are in place and attendees can easily find the meeting room location. You’ll be confident that the meeting can start on-time and focused on the task at hand.

Reduce administrative effort by more than 35%

Reduce administrative effort by more than 35%

Schedulers waste an average of 1,951 hours per year using manual processes such as emails, spreadsheets, voicemails, and disconnected systems to schedule and manage complex meetings. EMS streamlines the communications and coordination between schedulers, stakeholders, service providers, and attendees. In a single solution, EMS allows schedulers to handle more meetings and put additional focus on the personal touches.

TIAA-CREF reduces meeting management overhead

TIAA reduces meeting management overhead

Learn how TIAA reduced IT help desk requests by 98% and decreased administrative time by streamlining meeting logistics and coordination with catering providers and others critical to making meetings successful.


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