Meetings are filled with opportunity

On average, employees attend 62 meetings per month, totaling more than 3 billion meetings per year — now, that’s a lot of donuts! This costs organizations up to $1,000 per hour per meeting in salary costs alone. To the point, meetings are a big deal. With so much time and money dedicated to meetings, they must be productive, cost-effective and positive experiences that employees and customers alike will delight in.

Meetings are filled with opportunity

Great meetings. Great results.

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Save time and reduce administrative overhead by quickly and easily scheduling meetings, efficiently securing resources and services, and streamlining communications.


Increase acceptance rates and reduce turnover with insight on how best to design your workplace and offer a variety of reservable workspaces — all critical to a flexible workspace.



Reduce real estate and operating costs by maximizing space utilization, informing real estate decisions, reducing energy use, and preventing unwanted services deliveries.

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Reinforce your brand by creating flawless meetings, turning on the ‘cool factor’ and improving your sustainability ratings.

Fast. Easy. Comprehensive.

Fast. Easy. Comprehensive.

Finding and booking a meeting should be fast and easy. So should communicating with meeting service vendors, pulling meeting and utilization reports, syncing heating and cooling with room use, and creating distinct booking processes per room, per location, and per person. Only EMS offers both the greatest depth and breadth of functionality and the fastest and easiest way to schedule a meeting.


Revel in exceptional customer experience

Doing business with people who truly care makes a profound difference. EMS is dedicated to providing unsurpassed customer support and service. This commitment has enabled us to achieve a 96% customer renewal rate.

Enjoy exceptional customer experience

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