Less Than Perfect Is Not an Option

The responsibility of scheduling and managing student, faculty, and external events across campus is a major undertaking. Every detail needs to executed with precision. Yet manual processes, breakdowns in communication, and poor visibility into other departments’ schedules and systems often lead to costly errors and a poor reputation for performance.


EMS for Campus-Wide Scheduling Management

As the leading campus room and resource scheduling platform, EMS helps you create and manage complex event and conference operations flawlessly.

EMS is a campus-wide solution that provides one-system-of-record for all scheduling by integrating with other campus systems, such as Facilities Management Systems (FMS), Student Information Systems (SIS), and more. This results in accurate, in-depth visibility and communications across the whole campus.

Providing the greatest breadth and depth of functionality, EMS offers vast capabilities – from scheduling complex events, services, resources, and technology to communicating with, managing, and billing internal and external vendors.

Because EMS is highly configurable, you can maintain your current processes or create new ones. Additionally, you can control user permissions and create rules so that other users will stick to processes.

Reduce Manual Work and Improve Communications

EMS reduces manual work and improves communications with internal and external parties through a vast and highly configurable set of capabilities and integrations with other systems. Specific to conference and event management, these functions and connections allow you to:

  • Attach all relevant services and documentation to a booking.
  • Review and manage all services with reservations prior to final email approval.
  • Send notifications, setup worksheets, and detailed invoices directly to service providers.
  • Configure specific details, options, and billing requirements for each service.
  • Enable service-only requests.

Services such as catering and security staff, as well as resources such as projectors, laptops, and even vehicles can be scheduled and managed within EMS – helping to eliminate the waste and high cost of fulfillment on cancelled services and resources.

Further helping to improve accuracy while saving time and money, EMS provides you with over 100 informative reports. These can be automatically generated and emailed to you on a regular basis so you don’t skip a beat.

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“Using EMS, we have increased space utilization, streamlined processes, and provided customers with a one stop shop for all meeting and event needs.”

– Harvard University

Integrate EMS with Your Existing Systems

Using multiple systems can create more work and leave gaps in capabilities and knowledge. Managing campus events with precision requires system integration. EMS easily integrates with multiple systems and hardware – allowing you to draw information from a single system-of-record, reduce administrative work, and improve communications and accuracy.

The EMS application programming interface (API) and connectors provide connections for the following systems:

  • Student Information Systems
  • Facilities Management Systems
  • Resource Management Systems
  • Microsoft Exchange / Outlook
  • Integrated Authentication
  • Video Conference Technology
  • Digital Signage
  • Building Automated Control Systems

 In addition to the many EMS integrations, EMS offers toolkits so you can connect to your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Facilities Management System (FMS). The EMS HR and FM Toolkits allow you to:

  • Eliminate duplicate information and planning mistakes.
  • Provide timely updates of any new or altered user information.
  • Link and sync calendars with scheduling.
  • Coordinate service and resource usage with the proper systems.
  • Ensure the right users have the right privileges.

EMS also integrates with your Student Information System (SIS) and Active Directory (AD/LDAP).

EMS Integrations Overview Page

Increase Campus Safety and Security

Campus safety and security is paramount. Using EMS to centralize campus scheduling management and connect with the campus security departments increases safety and risk management for the entire campus.

Connecting EMS with campus security puts academic institutions in a much better position to manage potential security issues and helps facilitate discussions that result in improved security practices and processes that follow local and campus regulations.

With EMS, campus administrators can restrict users from reserving rooms in certain facilities according to predetermined rules. Administrators can also limit building access so that only those with permission, such as students registered for classes within the building, may enter. EMS also helps in emergency or lockdown situations, allowing Campus Security to know where people are located to better ensure their safety.

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