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The responsibility of scheduling and managing complex events is a major undertaking. Every detail needs to executed with precision. Yet despite your best efforts, manual processes, poor visibility into other schedules and systems, and breakdowns in communication often lead to costly errors and a poor reputation on performance


EMS for Conference and Event Scheduling Management

As the leading room and resource scheduling platform, EMS helps you create and manage complex conference and event operations flawlessly.

EMS is an enterprise-wide solution that provides one-system-of-record for all scheduling by integrating with other systems, such as video conferencing technology and Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). This means accurate, in-depth visibility and communications.

Providing the greatest breadth and depth of functionality, EMS offers vast capabilities – from scheduling complex events, services, resources, and technology to communicating with, managing, and billing internal and external vendors.

Because EMS is highly customizable, you can maintain your current processes or create new ones. Additionally, you can create rules that make sure your users will stay on process.

Reduce Manual Work and Improve Communications for Everyone

EMS reduces manual work and improves communications with internal and external parties through a vast and highly configurable set of capabilities and integrations with other systems. Specific to conference and event management, these capabilities and integrations allow you to:

  • Attach all relevant services and documentation to a booking.
  • Review and manage all services with reservations prior to final email approval.
  • Send notifications, setup worksheets, and detailed invoices directly to service providers.
  • Configure specific details, options, and billing requirements for each service.
  • Enable service-only requests.

Services such as catering and security staff, as well as resources such as projectors, laptops, and even vehicles can be scheduled and managed within EMS – helping to eliminate the waste and high cost of fulfillment on cancelled services and resources.

Further helping to improve accuracy while saving time and money, with EMS you can get informative reports automatically pulled and emailed to you on a regular basis so you don’t skip a beat.

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Ensure Perfection with Dynamic Reports

Get the key information you need when you need it with the more than 110 reports and a custom query builder within EMS. From setup and invoicing to billing and utilization analysis, all EMS reports are configurable according to the parameters, options, and format you require. EMS reports allow you to:

  • Communicate with the operations team about daily setup needs.
  • Ensure up-to-the-minute service order accuracy.
  • Eliminate one-off emails and manual processes.
  • Share all the events happening on any given day.

In addition to pulling reports on-demand, you can schedule EMS to automatically send selected reports to the people of your choosing.

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"EMS is truly phenomenal … It has saved us countless hours since we installed it, and our staff is extremely pleased with the way it functions."

– a Fortune 100 financial services organization

Book and Manage Resource and Service Operations

As a dynamic scheduling platform, EMS is designed for the complexity inherent to adding and managing resources and services within a reservation. With EMS, you can configure, schedule, manage and invoice any resource or service you need, such as catering, facilities, security, or A/V.

The EMS Tool Wizard allows you to easily modify timing, status, services and resources within a reservation in just a few clicks – no need to cancel it and start over. After adding or changing resources and services, EMS will automatically notify the appropriate stakeholders and providers, helping to ensure good communication and accuracy.

Managing your resources and services within EMS as a single system, you can:

  • Minimize administrative effort by reducing steps needed to manage a meeting.
  • Decrease operating costs by eliminating wasted service deliveries and multiple scheduling systems.
  • Improve communication through automated notifications, confirmations, and reports.
  • Deliver the right services at the right time and the right place.
  • Eliminate meeting delays and disruptions caused by mistakes or last-minute changes to required resources.

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Integrate EMS with Your Existing Systems

Managing events with precision requires system integration. Using multiple systems can create extra work and leave embarrassing gaps in capabilities and knowledge. EMS easily integrates with multiple systems and hardware – allowing you to reduce administrative work, improve communications and accuracy, and access up-to-date information from a single system-of-record.

The EMS application programming interface (API) provides connections for systems that include Active Directory (AD/LDAP), Resource Management, Microsoft Exchange / Outlook, Integrated Authentication, Video Conferences, Digital Signage, and Building Automated Controls.

In addition, EMS offers toolkits that connect EMS to your Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Facilities Management System (FMS). The HR and FM Toolkits allow you to:

  • Eliminate duplicate information and planning mistakes.
  • Provide timely updates of any new or altered user information.
  • Link and sync calendars with scheduling.
  • Coordinate service and resource usage with the proper systems.
  • Ensure the right users have the right privileges.

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