An Enterprise-Level Scheduling Solution

Features - An Enterprise-Level Scheduling Solution
  • Great Depth Of Functionality
    EMS has great depth and breadth of functionality and is a highly configurable solution with multiple integration options.
  • Complete Scheduling Control
    Organizations can use EMS to manage rooms, resources, services and people using a single solution. With informed business rules, you can ensure the right spaces are available to the right people at the right time.
  • Easy Access Across Platforms
    Access to EMS meets your user where they work. Direct integration with Outlook and G Suite keeps booking reservation workflows smooth while the web app, room signs and kiosks give your team access to EMS from everywhere.
  • Better Visibility Into Space Utilization
    EMS provides robust reporting and analytical tools necessary for gathering and interpreting data for a thorough space utilization analysis.
  • Limitless Technology Integration
    The RESTful API connects EMS to a wide variety of systems, hardware and even custom apps developed by our customers and development partners.

Why EMS?

With A Standard Solution
With EMS
Supports only proprietary components
Works with leading technology providers
Data is locked into a single-purpose tool
Data is shared across the organization
Struggles to support global enterprise
Scales globally with ease
Limited functionality to support unique requirements
Configurable to meet specific demands
Limited industry experience and support
Over three decades of industry expertise
Restricted scope focuses on a single challenge
Deep, robust feature set to support every workflow

Complete Control Over Your Event, Space And Resource Scheduling

EMS allows users to manage and optimize their room and resource scheduling, solving for a magnitude of scheduling scenarios. Popular EMS use cases include:

  • Meeting and Room Scheduling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Hoteling and Workspace Management
  • Classroom, Campus and Exam Scheduling
  • Conference and Event Management
  • Analytics, Space Utilization and Optimization

Multiple Access Points For Every Type Of User

EMS serves the needs of both dedicated experts and casual everyday users, allowing for their different needs and workflows. EMS users can access the solution through multiple pathways, including:

  • Online Web Portal
  • Digital Signage for Rooms and Desks
  • Admin Desktop Client
  • Centralized Kiosks
  • Mobile Devices (Apple and Android)
  • Calendar Integrations and Add-Ons (Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar)

Offers Visibility And Control Over Your Utilization Data

Gain valuable insight into your utilization data for more informed real estate decisions that drive value for your institution.

EMS gives you everything you need to:

  • Keep stakeholders updated with notifications and automated reporting
  • Make informed decisions with space utilization data
  • Improve your environmental footprint with HVAC integrations
  • Integrate usage data with advanced business intelligence systems

Connected Across Your System

Work is easier when systems share data. EMS integrates with a wide variety of other solutions, allowing you to share employee, facility, student, and other data. Examples include:

  • Facilities Management Systems
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Microsoft Exchange / Outlook / G Suite / Google Calendar
  • Video Conferencing
  • Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Digital Signage (Boards, Rooms, Kiosks)
  • Building Automated Control Systems (HVAC)

Transform The Way People And Spaces Work Together

  • Simplify how you manage events, rooms and resources with workflows informed by your organization’s unique needs.
  • Improve retention and solidify your brand by removing friction between users, spaces, and the technology that connects them.
  • Validate and inform real estate, facilities and personnel investments with the support of actionable data.

One System-of-Record  

Improve departmental visibility and communications by connecting all of your resources in a single solution.

Multiple System Integrations  

Available integrations include HVAC, building security and automation, digital signage, meeting calendars and many more.

Manage Recurring Events  

Book recurring meetings within the same reservation and easily clone entire past bookings for repeated events.


EMS supports your choice of software hosting: on your own infrastructure or via Cloud Services for EMS.

Self-Service Scheduling   

Users can quickly schedule space, services and more in EMS through the mobile, web, room sign and kiosk apps.

Simplified Video Conferencing   

Simplify your Video Conference scheduling through one-click workflows and integrations with popular meeting technology.

Event Planning Integration  

Access powerful event management tools alongside scheduling to allow for a complete view of your space utilization.

On-Demand Reporting  

100+ pre-defined reports and a custom query builder provide analytics and insight into everything from occupancy rates to invoicing.


Trusted By Industry Leaders Across +50 Countries

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Bucknell University Uses EMS Room Scheduling System
Deloitte Uses EMS Room Booking Scheduling Software
JMU - James Madison University Uses EMS Room Scheduling Software
Notre Dame Uses EMS Meeting Room Scheduling Software
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