Webinar Date: Tue Mar 23 2021
Webinar Time: 12:00 AM CDT

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As organizations of all sizes prepare to return to the workplace and campus in a full-time or in a hybrid environment, employees and students demand unified, mobile-first experiences that enable them to use their smartphone to navigate, simplify, and streamline each aspect of their daily life – including navigating workplace and campus facilities.

Simultaneously, the need to maximize office and campus space ROI in a hybrid environment and keep all users productive, while maintaining social distancing, has never been more critical for facility administrators.


Modo, MapsPeople, and Accruent have partnered to enable a transformative digital experience that uniquely address both of these needs. Accruent’s EMS room and resource scheduling solution combined with the personalized mobile-first strategy of Modo and MapsPeople provides a unified digital workplace and campus experiences for all elements of the daily life of an employee or student, including:

  • Location-based experiences that match each user with their current environment.


  • Seamless navigation of office and campus spaces, including transitions from indoor to outdoor navigation.


  • Turn by turn directions to make users comfortable and confident even during their first time in a building.


  • One-tap indoor navigation that allows users to discover amenities and points of interest, such as conference rooms and study spaces.

Watch now to learn how you can enable a unified, mobile-first experience for your hybrid workplace or campus.

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