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Department of Recreational Sports schedules maximum fun, drives revenue with EMS


1.2 M

participants per year



square feet



internal sports clubs

“With EMS, nothing is impossible.”

Tawyna Elliott
Facilities Reservations Coordinator


Game on
At Texas A&M University, 14 departments use the EMS scheduling platform. Among those departments, the university’s Department of Recreational Sports is probably where EMS facilitates the most fun. In fact, each year the A&M recreational sports department serves 1.2 million participants – roughly the same number of people who flood stadiums to watch the Dallas Cowboys during an entire NFL season.

The Department of Recreational Sports is responsible for scheduling the university’s student recreation center, totaling 497,774 square feet of facilities, plus coordinating offsite activities. Students, university departments, and community members take part in a wide variety of activities that include 36 internal sports clubs, university classes, tournaments, conferences, meetings, banquets, and private events. In summary, the scheduling responsibilities within the university’s recreational department alone are no small game.

More play, with less work
Tawyna Elliott, Facilities Reservations Coordinator for the Department of Recreational Sports, and her team use EMS to organize ongoing activities and events, as well as to create accurate invoices and reports. With EMS, they can rely on one tool to schedule and manage multiple facilities that house ball courts, multipurpose rooms, and meeting space; outdoor facilities that include with tennis courts and dividable fields; and the Natatorium, which houses four pools and a diving well. All told, these facilities represent several hundred bookable spaces.

“We may have up to 1,000 screaming cheerleaders in our facilities at one time with a lot of other activities going on,” says Elliott. “We have to make everybody happy.”

By automating processes and eliminating scheduling errors, EMS helps Elliott’s department increase productivity by operating efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s booking time on the rock climbing wall for a class, reserving a field for a group of students who are planning an ultimate Frisbee tournament, or scheduling space for a special event, EMS enables Elliott and her team to easily manage scheduling, invoicing, and reporting for all of it.

“Everything is scheduled through EMS,” Elliott says. “EMS has increased my productivity. I can enter reservations faster and more accurately.”

Pinpoint scheduling, maximum utilization
Texas A&M has a lot of recreational space to work with, but just like at smaller schools, many spaces serve dual purposes. With EMS, the department can easily prevent spaces from being double-booked. For example, the school’s archery room is also in high demand for banquets, dances and other events – often by external users, such as local high schools or community groups. EMS helps Elliott eliminate errors and conflicts with reservations for the space, helping to provide a great experience and differentiate the university’s brand.

“Aquatics – it was its own beast,” says Elliott. That’s because the university’s swimming facilities also host collegiate swimming and diving meets, local swim teams, and national diving championships. EMS provides the flexibility to coordinate everything flawlessly. When booking an event or making reoccurring reservations, Elliott can schedule by each pool, and account for individual quadrants, lanes, and even the required water depth for certain events. 

For an off-site excursion, such as a wilderness first-aid training or a canoeing, surfing or skiing trip, Elliott books a ‘phantom room’. This allows her to organize all the details in the EMS system and track the resources associated when a student group takes off to explore a river, mountain, or ocean.

Accurate, timely invoicing
In addition to reserving space for events as diverse as celebrations and sports classes, EMS lightens the workload when it comes to billing facility users and tracking invoices.

EMS allows Elliott to bill her users on a three-tier system, making it simple to charge student groups, university departments, and outside groups unique rates. It’s also easy to generate invoices for one-time events, like locking in space for surrounding school districts to host graduations and after-prom events. The department leases space to other campus entities, and Elliott uses EMS to manage contracts with Smoothie King, the university’s athletics department, and the Aggie Swim Club.

All of the bookings made in EMS can be invoiced in the system. Invoices are created with the information entered into EMS when the space is initially reserved, allowing Elliott to provide accurate, detailed invoices to facility renters by email. All of this functionality within EMS not only helps to reduce administrative costs, but also to generate revenue.

“With EMS, nothing is impossible,” says Elliott.

“Everything is scheduled through EMS. EMS has increased my productivity. I can enter reservations faster and more accurately.”

Tawyna Elliott
Texas A&M University

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