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Academic Classroom and Event Scheduling in a Single Platform

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing higher education environment, real estate is more valuable than ever. Managing it requires software solutions that allow a more effective, efficient, and optimized use of all spaces: classroom, event, and administration.

EMS Campus™ offers the functionality your academic and event schedulers demand and the integrations to support and leverage your existing investments and technology infrastructure. Built to competently manage complex events as well as academics, EMS Campus improves communication and collaboration between groups wanting to manage and use a combination of dedicated and mixed-use spaces.



Academic Scheduling
With the greatest depth and breadth of functionality, EMS is built to support the academic scheduling needs of your campus. EMS allows you to manage all classrooms, final exams, departmental meetings, and other events within your classrooms. Capabilities include:

  • Creating and testing multiple course and room optimization scenarios.
  • Scheduling classrooms according to customizable attributes and preferences such as room size, equipment, location, instructor needs, accessibility, and availability.
  • Bulk scheduling of hundreds and even thousands of course sections with our Optimization tool.
  • Scheduling of final exams.
  • Capturing and accommodating departmental, instructor, and other preferences via the web-based Campus Planning Interface (CPI).
  • Providing reports on the data specific to academic schedulers, including classroom seat fill, ‘prime time,’ and back to back assignments.
  • Allowing full, bidirectional integration to student information systems (SIS), including PeopleSoft Campus Solutions, Ellucian Colleague, Ellucian Banner, Ellucian PowerCampus, Unit4 CAMS, and Jenzabar CX/EX.

Events Scheduling
With over 1,000 higher education customers in North America, EMS is the gold standard for campus event management.  Whether you’re planning a departmental meeting, a VIP executive luncheon with major donors, or the next televised Presidential debate, EMS Campus manages it with rich features:

  • A highly configurable, Web-based request process that captures mandatory event details..
  • Full-service conference and event management, including workflows for the coordination of departments such as catering, housekeeping, facilities, audio visual and IT support, and public safety/security.
  • Safety-net email processes for reservation requestors, service providers, and others that confirm details or changes and eliminate missed communications.
  • Easy tracking and reporting of all event-related finances and contracts such as deposits, payments, adjustments, and more.


A Single Platform Whose Sum is Greater than the Individual Parts
The EMS scheduling helps solve the complexities of scheduling on the modern campus, meeting the needs of a variety of user and departments. EMS provides:

  • One system-of-record, which greatly improves visibility and communications in support of campus risk mitigation and public safety.
  • Improved communication and coordination for academic and events/student activity coordinators in cases of events scheduled in classrooms.
  • 120+ pre-defined reports and a custom query builder to provide insight on everything from classroom seat fill percentage to invoicing and billing of your event spaces.
  • Integrated self-serve scheduling for students, faculty, staff, and even members of the community through the EMS Mobile, Web, Room Sign, and Kiosk Apps.
  • Integration with other, related systems, including HVAC, building security and automation, digital signage, and campus calendars.
  • Your choice of software hosting: on your own infrastructure or in the Cloud with EMS.

“EMS allows us to efficiently manage room reservations and resources using a distributed model across our campuses and schools. The ability for faculty, staff, and students to make room reservations and have clear visibility into their schedule has positively impacted our overall operational efficiency of managing space across the university. ”

– Tufts University


The Ideal Scheduling Solution for All Higher Ed Professionals
Since 1986, EMS has helped to fulfill the scheduling needs of individuals in a wide variety of departments, schools, or the entire campus.

For registrars, EMS provides robust classroom and exam scheduling capabilities, identifies how to use space efficiently for class planning, coordinates with conferences and events for mixed use of classrooms, and more.

Directors and managers of campus events and athletics value EMS as an easy, single platform that frees up their staff’s time through automation, reporting, invoicing, billing, notification tools, a reservation book, and an online request process.

Campus facilities and real estate professionals appreciate that EMS reports on space utilization, supports room charging to invoice for room use, and integrates with HVAC, ARCHIBUS, digital signage, and other systems and hardware.

For Service Managers, EMS offers the ability to manage space and services together, with features such as set-up worksheets, dynamic, real-time reports, and automatic communications for change requests and cancellations.

Campus security and those who support risk planning and mitigation initiatives appreciate dashboard for all events and classes, the automated updates and notifications, and the ability to require and enforce all legal and environmental policies for managed events.

IT professionals appreciate that EMS is a stable, end-to-end platform that replaces and integrates with many systems, requiring less resources and attention than multiple, overlapping systems. Further, with Cloud Services for EMS, campus IT can rely on all-inclusive managed hosting and re-allocate its staff to other important projects.

Learn More About EMS for Your Campus Today

EMS Software is the leading scheduling platform for Higher Education – enabling institutions to more easily meet the demands of the modern campus. Serving over 1,000 Higher Ed institutions, EMS helps:

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by automating manual work, supporting unique processes, and improving communications.


by identifying underutilized space and opportunities to increase revenue.



by meeting demands for digital campus technologies.

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with a smoothly run, unified, digital campus experience.



EMS Software connects people with the right spaces, resources, and technology, solving today’s workspace and scheduling challenges and enabling organizations to get the most from their modern work and learning environments. AIG, Yale University, Accenture, and thousands of others rely on EMS Software’s comprehensive, enterprise-class scheduling and resource management software platform. The EMS platform integrates with your hardware and software infrastructure to provide the visibility, control, and insight needed to increase productivity, reduce costs, attract and retain people, and differentiate their brand. For more information, please visit

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