Simply add what you need to your reservation

As a dynamic scheduling platform, EMS is designed for the complexity associated with adding and managing resources and services within a reservation.

With EMS, your organization can schedule the setup of any resource or service you need, such as catering, facilities, security, or A/V. EMS helps prevent costly, unwanted deliveries by ensuring you have up-to-date communications with your service providers. Users of the EMS for Microsoft Outlook add-in can also have the option to order services with their booking requests.


Link resources and services to reservations in a single platform

Save time by having all you need in one platform. With EMS, you can:

  • Configure specific details, options, and billing requirements for each service.
  • Create multiple service orders within each meeting or event booking.
  • Ensure accurate and timely service deliveries with automated change and cancellation notifications.
  • Accommodate and manage all inventory by defining unlimited resources and resource categories.
  • Make changes to the timing, status, and amount of services and resources without having to cancel and redo an entire reservation.
  • Enable service-only requests, such as floral delivery.

Coordinate and align your services and providers

Poor communication is the leading cause of meeting and event failure. EMS provides all the features you need to keep the lines of communication open. With EMS, you can:

  • Review and manage all your reservation services prior to final confirmation and email approval.
  • Link all documentation to reservations.
  • Set up safety-net email processes for reservation requestors and service providers throughout the event lifecycle.
  • Notify reservation requestors via email to confirm order details or changes.
  • Designate individuals to be automatically emailed of any changes or cancellations.
  • Add comments where needed for easy reference.

Manage and track resources

In EMS, dedicated and open resources are clearly defined, assigned, and tracked. With EMS, you can:

  • Configure costs, billing codes, amounts, and other details for each resource and generate invoices.
  • Attach specific resources to specific spaces, such as video conferencing, to facilitate user searches and requests.
  • Automatically notify groups, such as A/V and facilities, of requests or changes.
  • Receive and send automated summary reports on usage by department, employee, resource, and more.

Deliver timely notifications

EMS eliminates wasted resources and missed communications by automating your notifications and work reports. With EMS, you can:

  • Communicate with your operations crew through daily set-up worksheets that contain the details they need.
  • Ensure up-to-the-minute service order accuracy with service order reports, including change reports.
  • Share all the events happening on any given day with the daily event schedule report.

Simplify and consolidate invoicing

EMS handles all your internal and external invoicing needs, allowing you to:

  • Generate invoices and track associated deposits, payments, and adjustments.
  • Send detailed invoices directly to service providers.
  • Offer a variety of pricing options including hourly rates, half-day, and full-day flat rates.
  • Allocate charges for bookings across multiple cost centers.
  • Quickly retrieve invoices and payments using the transactions browser.
  • Post billing transaction reports directly into your accounting system.

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