Simple, powerful space management for expert users

With the EMS Desktop Client, administrators have complete scheduling control. Whether you are approving room requests, booking large-scale events, or communicating with service providers, EMS simplifies the process at each step along the way.

Supporting the needs of expert users

Expert Users have the responsibility to create and approve reservations and services, create and distribute reports, and take full advantage of the capabilities of EMS. Working from the EMS Desktop Client, expert users benefit from automated workflows and communications that result in maximum efficiency.

Administrators use the Desktop Client to maintain EMS within your organization. These expert users can:

  • Create and modify reservations using easy-to-follow wizards and drag-and-drop functionality.
  • View the entire event calendar or filter by status or code.
  • Clone recurring meetings and capture complexities such as video conferencing.
  • Deliver automatic confirmation alerts and service and change notifications.

The EMS Reservation Book

The Reservation Book displays details of all confirmed reservations for your organization. From here, expert users can view, modify, and print reservations using time-saving features that reduce booking errors and rework.

Expert users can configure the Reservation Book to suit their needs, such as color coding diferent categories of reservations for quick, visual calendar reviews. A variety of powerful filters let expert users focus on the matter at hand – whether it’s date, time, location, or room property – in order to facilitate changes or decisions.

The EMS Dashboard

The Dashboard centralizes critical information about reservations and displays all the information an expert user needs to manage daily work within EMS. Configurable tabs include Notifications, Reminders, Everyday User Reservations, Guest Requests, Wait List, Reconfirm Dates, Building Hours Exceptions, Analytics, and At A Glance.

The Reservation Wizard

With the Reservation Wizard, expert users can schedule the location and services that satisfy a meeting or event request. Rooms can be searched by size, location, occupancy, set-up, and AV capabilities. The Wizard will detect space conflicts and work to resolve them prior to confirmation.

Reservation confirmed!

In EMS, a confirmation communicates critical information for a reservation — the date, time, location, and required resources. Once a booking is complete, the expert user sends a confirmation email to the event host, who can verify that the reservation details are correct.

Expert users can choose to generate a confirmation for a selected booking or for all bookings within a reservation. The confirmation will also inform the group of any outstanding issues, such as a balance due for services, as well as cancellation policies, alcohol policies (if applicable), and contact information.

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