24/7 scheduling for everyday users

Organizations can configure EMS to allow non-administrative users to request or book space and resources according to established business rules. When everyday users can independently request or book space, administrators can concentrate on more complex meetings and events in EMS.

Facilitate desk and room scheduling through easy access

When enabled, everyday users can quickly and conveniently use a variety of familiar access points such as the Web, mobile, Microsoft® Outlook, kiosk, and digital signage apps to:

  • Locate and reserve spaces based on user permissions.
  • Select from favorites or filter by room type and location.
  • Update or cancel existing reservations and invites.
  • Make requests for managed spaces with services and resources.
  • View details, photos, floor maps, and resources associated with each space.

Increase teamwork and collaboration

Administrators can use EMS to help foster innovation and a collaborative environment by seating business units or project teams together in designated areas or neighborhoods. Using EMS, employees can be ideally situated for productivity, whether they're working from their primary office or visiting a remote company location.

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